Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunny Days in the Park

Bex making Gerald the Giraffe

We're busy getting ready for the craft fair at the moment.... so we have been making our StuffedNonsense everyday and it's been so nice the past few days we decided to venture out to the park and we made some lovely little plumps, a Happy Cat, Gerald Giraffe and a Tartan Tearaway.... and here they are....

getting packed up at the end of the day!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Alright there??
Fresh off the press are this little sleepy fellas.

Little Snoozes....lavender scented hangers to lull your little ones off to sleep....or yourselves of course.

Also... we thought we might tempt you with a picture of some of the stock for the craft fair...and also bex wants to put a picture up of her fancy new cake stand sooo...

The dust bunnies are taking over!!!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News!!

Hello Lovelies!!
Just a quick post to let you know of some very good news we have had! you can now buy StuffedNonsense loveliness in MADE, a lovely shop in cirencester! We found out yesterday and we should have stock there by the first weekend in May!!
Also...you might notice a small change in the stuff we make....meaning that there will be some new addition to the stuff we make. look out for lovely button jewellery,purses, and cute paper accessories.
As you may well know StuffedNonsense is run by El and Bex. Bex has her own blog called bexsbuttons and had sold her stuff on a separate shop on folksy...but these two are going to merge!!! so if you have looked at the StuffedNonsense shop on folksy your going to see more stock up on there!!
O.K. that's all the exciting news done. Watch this space for lots of pictures...we're going to busting our balls in the next seven days because we are getting ready for a craft fair we are doing and have organised!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some One New Has Come to Stay...

Hello to all of you lovely people....
We thought that we would introduce you to a permanent resident to StuffedNonsense.He is called Spearmint Polo and yesterday we went to the park...
He played in some flower beds and sniffed the hyacinths...

He climbed up a cherry tree...

And sniffed the lovely pink flowers...

Then he hunted for treasure in the grass...but didn't find any...

So he sniffed some more flowers...

After all the climbing and hunting and sniffing Spearmint Polo was very tired so he had a sit down on a very roomy bench.

There you have it. that was Spearmint Polo's trip to the park. Fortunately (or unfortunately....) Spearmint Polo will not be up for sale on the up and coming craft fair because he has a nasty rash on his front (we guess that is what you get for using a stained t-shirt...it was washed just permanently stained. never mind we love him!!)

We will back very soon with some new resident's...they are coming thick and fast at the moment!!