Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Spoon People.

Sometimes you see an object and you know instantly what you want to do with it...which was the case when I saw these sweet little wooden spoons at Utility in Brighton.
I saw them and instantly imagined a happy face on I did a bit of internet searching and came across a tool called a 'pyrography pen'.
 The rest, as they say, is history...
A stubbly one.
A beardy one.
A 1920's moustached one.
A wavy haired one.
One with funny shaped 'blushes' on her face.
One with filled in hair.
I've hand painted the ends of them so they look a more finished.
The state of the work table whilst they are in production.
Each one is double sided, so you get a lady and a man on each spoon.
What do you think?...I'm worried its another case of me wondering off into my head and making something which no one else will ever get or understand? Do you prefer them with the filled in hair? or a mixture of both?
Thanks for your help!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


 Hello lovelies. I've spent the whole day partaking in what is commonly called 'nesting' (or at least it's commonly called that on the internet...I think i'd be more inclined to call it working bloody hard, painting lots of things, hammering lots of things, a pit of sawing (swiftly followed by a bit of bleeding) and a lot of lifting and arranging.)But let me tell you it, it was well worth the effort.
Me and the beardy made a promise to ourselves that we would start using the whole of the house which we are so lucky to live in (considering it's just the two of us, we have soo much space, and the best landlords in the world); and seeing as we have dear friends due to visit in August we thought the conservatory would be a good place to start. It used to be where my old workroom was but now it has been morphed into the oh so grand 'Reading Room' (which is pretty funny because it makes us sound like some super posh people who have a breakfast room, a sun house, a ball room and many other rooms...which is not the case, believe me) 
To kick start the proceedings I decided to spruce up some old shelves which were in a sorry state.
Here they are, poor old things!
We decided to paint them the same shade of teal as the walls in the 'reading room'
Then I painted a previously beige wall in the conservatory grey. Then I backed the jazzy shelves with some rather lovely paper from M.A.D.E, and then i hung my collection of jugs above the shelves.
Then I arranged by assorted crap/tat pretty china on the shelves. 
Then I felt rather smug with myself because i think it looks pretty tip top. What about you?
Then I sorted and sifted through piles and piles of our stuff and put into one big pile named 'to go to the bootfair' Then I put stacks and stacks of books onto the shelves and arranged various odds and sods in front of said books.
Then I collapsed into a pile onto the lovely leather chair you can see in the picture above, and wrote this blog post. 
What do you think?...I'm rather chuffed with it myself but then I like to wear socks with sandals or tights, so I don't really rate my judgement on 'what looks good'. 
There's a little piece of me which thinks that the fourth picture down wouldn't look out of place on design sponge...but that's a bit big headed of me I think.
Anyway...time for some tea and biscuits.