Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where We Disappeared To...

Oh my goodness my lovelies!
How has it been over a month since we were here last. It's been absolutely manic around these parts.
StuffedNonsense is very lucky to be taking part in The Thames Festival on the 10th and 11th of September (thanks to the oh so lovely Crafty Fox Craft Fairs). We've done a fair few fairs in London before now but this one is a weekend one and we've been told it will be rather busy....soo we've been sewing up a storm, and as is inevitable there just weren't/aren't enough hours in the day so we haven't been able to be here as much as we would like to. We've been compromising and putting fairly regular facebook updates so if you'd like you can catch up on us there...
Because the festival is a weekend one we really want to make sure we have enough stock for both days so we've been making insane numbers of creatures (55 Human Beans, 40 Crabbittz and 40 Fat Bears to name a few)...its kind of rewarding once you see them all done but drives you crazy when you've been working on the same batch of creatures for the last 4 days!...and it makes for a messy studio....
This is the cutting table in Bex's studio/conservatory...covered in the various pieces required to make 40 Crabbittz
And contained within that blue tub are 55 Human Beans waiting to be sewn up...any volunteers?

So, that's it really, we will probably be able to squeeze in a few more posts before we leave for the big smoke...but we'd still like to hear from you so please leave comments on facebook (it helps us realise that there is life outside of our sewing rooms!)
Thanks for your patience!
And our apologies for the terrible photos.