Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day off Frivolities.

Hello dearest readers, hope you are enjoying your Sunday. This is my last day off before the madness of Cheltenham Gold Cup descends (50 hours in 6 days...ohhhh yeah)
Its been lovely so far i went to a new boot fair (pictures of bargains to come another time) with my number one charity shop/boot fair/coffee shop & cake companion...vicki. You may know of her because she is super talented at lots and lots of can find her over here for her stitchy things and over here for her ninja things. Go and see and wonder at all the wonderfuls she makes.

Here are some snaps of my last day off (we went for lunch at a new was delicious)
Vicki has a super cute little boy and he has super cute toys too, i couldn't resist taking a picture of this wonderfully made mouse in a tonka truck.
Honey and Vanilla cheesecake which i had for pudding...
And shared it with this young man.
Then we returned to vicki's house and had tea and gazed in wonder at her new wonderful Japanese pattern book...psssst...did you know that vicki made the top in this picture?...she did you know...and it looked great.
And this is here just because the sun is out and spring is on its way....

Right, time to prepare for this craft fair and this craft fair, they are within a week and half of each other...because we love to make it easy for ourselves!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Off Times...

Today on my day off i saw...
Your eyes are not deceiving you! That is indeed 'Blue Sky', i'm sure you have heard of it before.
Some Moda fabric that i picked up at the boot fair; along with a vintage table cloth and apron it cost me the princely some of 50p! (theres about two meters of it!)

Today on my day off I did...

Making some samples to send to a seriously wonderful shop (but we're not going to say where case)
Soo please wish these guys good fingers are crossed very very very tight!

p.s. four more posts then theres a giveaway!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Gift From Us To You...

We were feeling a bit generous today, and whilst listing some new lovelies on our etsy shop we decided to offer up free postage on any item to anywhere for a whole week!
Thats right peeps...a whole seven days of free postage!
How get your free postage just pop this code into the coupon option at the check out:
as well as a few other things!
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day off Frivolities...

  • Ham, Cheese and Mustard Foccacia from a superb little cafe called Tiffins.
  • Mine and Arthurs shadow avec shopping basket.
  • Crocus' trying to open up in the sun despite the cold.
  • A rather fantastic metal flower display bike.
  • New to the StuffedNonsense shelves i present to you 'Little Aprils'...they are cute droplet shaped plushies with ribbon to hang them from...we are selling them individually at the moment but intend to sell them in packs of 6 (your own little 'April Shower'...get it?) we are just trying to sort out the packaging (egg boxes we think)
  • Today was also made all the better by going to visit a fantastic illustration show at a small local gallery...i really enjoyed the bird pictures by an illustrator called Philip Rhys Matthews (there aren't too many pictures of the birds on his website but please go and have a look nonetheless its beautiful work.)

So in short things are looking a little bit better... thank you to you lovely people for lending me kind words (i hear February is a common month to get down in the dumps)
I'm off to work on some 'Sweet Cheeks' 'Frowny Puss'' and 'Slim Jims'....intrigued? should be!

P.S. Do you like the Little Aprils.
P.P.S. We are going to do a giveaway exciting!