Monday, June 27, 2011

The Pictorial Review.

Heads up lovelies....There are a lot of pictures and not a lot of words. It's been a busy week so I thought I'd give you a 'Pictorial Review' (which I think sounds kind of cool...don't you?)
My desk at the start of the week (N.B. it hadn't changed much by the end of the week and is still quite messy right now)We went to Cirencester on Thursday and Arthur took me out to lunch at Jacks cafe...gorgeous cafe, good coffee, yummy quiche and loads and loads of cakes (and nice table numbers as pictured above)The conservatory where we ate... attached to the museum.A table FULL of cakes!Some awesome/cringe worthy packaging found on a pair of tights.Crabbittz in pieces (can you see the new fabrics?)Coffee, Cake and Naked Beans (hehehehehe)Me, Arthur, Ed (our lodger and friend), Vicki (my extraordinary crochet able friend) and her lovely little tot went to the boot fair. It was SCORCHIO (as it was in most places)...i had to take a picture of this man's stall which was full of 'lava ware'...look at the colours!!Cheltenham boot fair is close to a little local steam train line and Vicki's lad has a healthy appreciation for anything train related (or bus relates, or bob the builder related or digger related) so when we heard the steam trains whistle we dropped all potential bargains and hot footed it over to the station so he could wave at the train driver and marvel at the wonder of the lovely green engine.How cute?!Yes is true...I have the most wonderful boyfriend. I was busy at another stall, when I finalised my purchased at this 'other stall' i headed over to Arthur who was just handing over his hard earned dollar...'What have you just brought dear?' I asked him...'Ohh something for you' and he handed over the large plastic bag...i peeked inside (and I'm not ashamed to admit because it is soo wonderful and I've been wanting one forever) and did a little scream. My bearded wonderful boyfriend had brought the above pictured item for the tiny sum of FIVE POUNDS!!!There were even a few letter blocks left (cover your ears if you are adverse to crude jokes) enough to spell out the word 'fanny'....yep...I'm 25 years old and find that hilarious.I also picked up this beauty for one pound...I think this brings the collection of cameras which we think look lovely but will probably never use up to 10!And finally...i foraged these lovely sweet peas on the way home...they were hanging over the side of a wall and were practically in the road so it was fine for me to pick them...right?

What about you dearies...what did you do last week?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm supposed to be knuckling down from now on...which means that whenever I'm not at the day job (a.k.a. pint pulling job) I'm supposed to be cutting, and sewing, and stuffing, and sewing up and packaging up and all the other related activities...but I'm finding there are rather alot of distractions...
Distraction Number One.
When I'm working I give myself frequent coffee breaks...and occasionally on said coffee breaks I'll pop into town for a nicer than instant coffee...and occasionally (as in every time) when I pop into town for a nicer than instant coffee I'll pop into the charity shops and find something this wool (which I didn't buy, instead I took a picture because the packaging made me smile)
Distraction Number 2:
When I'm supposed to be doing something else I seem to develop an amazing ability to notice tiny little things that I wouldn't normally notice. Once I notice these things I then have to take pictures of them (even if they are only a lump of moss, a feather and a pretty leaf)
Distraction Number Three:
I'm a magazine fiend, I love them, I love the smell of them, I love the weight of a newly purchased one in my bag, I love the stock of the paper, I love the articles, I love the pictures, I love the thought / daydream that one day StuffedNonsense will be in one.
Distraction Number Four:
Clyde...and his need for me to play tug of war with his string of sausages..what can I say?...I'm a sucker for a little dog that sometimes looks like a pig.

I fear that if I continue to list distractions then I will have to put up Distraction Number Five: Writing Blog Posts
What do you do for distractions??

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rocking and a Reeling...

Hello lovelies,
How are you ticking along?
We're still busy busy busy here, but it is wonderful! The last few days have helped us to realise that our StuffedNonsense dream is day.
We've come to realise a few things about our products. After placing an order for some more stuffing (which we buy in bulk) and finding out that it has gone up in price by about ten pounds (gasp!) we've had to come to the conclusion that a few of our prices are going to have to go up. Its a scary decision for us to come to because we don't want to lose out on customers, but through feedback we've had from friends and creative peeps our prices are too cheap anyway
(without even taking into account materials now costing more.) We're not going to put them up straight away (you've got about a week of normal prices) and when we do put them up its only going to be by a few pounds at the most. We hope your not annoyed or put off, StuffedNonsense's curios and creatures are of the highest quality and even with a little bit of an increase they are still super good quality and value!

Right...that's the boring business-y bit out of the way...would you like to see some cool stuff?
I'm in love with this super cute button soap available from Hello Crafty on Etsy...I don't think I could bring myself to use it.
This beautiful necklace is made by the wonderfully talented Emily Green, this lovely lady also has a delightful blog...why not take a gander?
Some followers out there will know of my appreciation for facial hair, and this guys beard is what first attracted me to him but on closer inspection the amount of detail is unbelievable. He's made by a talented lady called Rita Pinheiro and her etsy shop can be found here, I guarantee you wont be disappointed, she also has a blog here.

Rightio dearies, I must be off, i have an order for a lovely shop in leeds to finish off...
I'll leave you with this picture...
(They are taking over the studio!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow! What A Couple of Days!

Boy oh boy have we been busy the last few days!
The eagled eyed 'folksters' of you will all ready know that we have been made one of the four featured sellers on folksy for the next two weeks! It such an honour! Folksy was the first ever place that El and I started to sell StuffedNonsense from and to be recognised by the people in charge is awesome. So, thankyou Folksy, may you keep spreading the hand made love for a very long time!

Thanks to being a featured seller we've had quite a flurry of orders
to wrap up and post out, which is fun because it means i get to play with the tissue paper and pretty tape...
(psssst....we've even had a trade enquiry through the feature...but we're trying to keep quiet about it incase it all goes wrong).
So, thats about it around these parts...we've been wondering around with big giddy smiles on our faces and sewing up a storm.
I hope to be back tomorrow with a more informative and interesting apposed to this jumble of words.

P.S....Look who i'm looking after...he's called Clyde and he
s come to stay at my house for a little while and tomorrow i'm going to look after him at his house! how exciting!
(my apologies for the blurry photo but Clyde was too concerned about killing the tennis ball to pose for a photo.)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roll up! Roll Up!

I've just finished a rather hefty listing session on our Folksy and Etsy shops.
You can now find new Crabbittz, Human Beans, Dust Bunnies and Dust Bunnie key rings...(before you go any further i apologise for lots of pictures and links...if they all work it will be a miracle...if they don't work and you want to see our shops just search StuffedNonsense on Folksy and StuffedNonsenseUK on Etsy.)
This lovely lady is up on Etsy. (I think she's my favourite human bean to date)
Dust Bunnie Keyrings are on etsy (hopfully they will be up on folksy by tomorrow)
Normal Dust Bunnies are now up on Etsy (and as above, should be on folksy by tomorrow)

Right...i have laptop shaped eyes after staring at the screen fro three hours, im going to cook some food and go to a lindyhop lesson! exciting

Monday, June 6, 2011

Things That Brought A Smile To My Face Today...

1)Having a coffee & cream cheese bagel with my superdooper boyfriend in a superdooper lovely local cafe.
2)Walking home and seeing two men sat outside a barbers playing backgammon in the sunshine.
3)Stopping off at the local craft shop to buy a bag of ric-rac and lacy trims and as a consequence of which walking the rest of the way home with a rather goofy grin on my face.
(As you can see it was quite a grin inducing bag of ric-rac and lace trim)

4)Spending my day making 'Human Beans' and the fact that spending my day making 'Human Beans' is my part time job and in a few years time it will (hopefully) be my full time job.
I must say a very big thank you to Laura, all of the fabric used in these human beans were very generously given to me from her after I won one of her thank you lovely lady)
(8 of them all together, I'm thinking that most will be put into pairs and ,fingers crossed, be put on the etsy and folksy shops on Thursday)

I do apologise if this a bit of a sickly sweet post for you but its been a while since I've really enjoyed making and i was beginning to worry that it had lost the spark but after today's hours in the studio I'm pleased to say my spark is back! (because I knew you guys were worrying about it as much as me!)
Hope you enjoyed the Beans

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New! Human Beans....

Isn't it quite lovely when you have an idea in your brain box or sketch book for a long time and then you eventually get around to making your idea and it turns out just as you wanted it too??
I can actually remember doodling these guys before I started working with El on StuffedNonsense.
Its really good to have finally prised them out of the deep recesses of my head...
What do you think?
They are going to be called 'Human Beans'
I'm very taken with their little outfits and as a consequence there are several pages in my sketch book full of different types!
They are the perfect size to fit into tiny little Kraft card boxes....
Like so.
I dont think they will always be in pairs, i just got a bit obsessed with making these two match.
Sooooo, yay? or nay?

Must dash, time to get my hair snipped.