Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roll up! Roll Up!

I've just finished a rather hefty listing session on our Folksy and Etsy shops.
You can now find new Crabbittz, Human Beans, Dust Bunnies and Dust Bunnie key rings...(before you go any further i apologise for lots of pictures and links...if they all work it will be a miracle...if they don't work and you want to see our shops just search StuffedNonsense on Folksy and StuffedNonsenseUK on Etsy.)
This lovely lady is up on Etsy. (I think she's my favourite human bean to date)
Dust Bunnie Keyrings are on etsy (hopfully they will be up on folksy by tomorrow)
Normal Dust Bunnies are now up on Etsy (and as above, should be on folksy by tomorrow)

Right...i have laptop shaped eyes after staring at the screen fro three hours, im going to cook some food and go to a lindyhop lesson! exciting


  1. the little people in boxes are lush!

  2. wow what a busy girl you've been! I love the human beans so much! x

  3. Those little beans in boxes are great! well done Bex