Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Absence & Crafty Fox.

I'm sorry dear followers...
We were rather absent during the festive month of December weren't we? Things just got rather busy and we seemed to spend the majority of the time running around like headless chickens.
We're all rested up now though and are looking forward to a shiny and brand spanking new year.
There are a few new critters planned and few more goals is common around this time of year.
We'll sign off for now, but don't fear, we hope to be back in the next few days...we should have some pictures of a 'Grizzly Geoff' to show you...facebook fans may have all ready seen a sneaky peak...
The pictures below are of our Crafty Fox ended up being the only fair we went to...but boy! was it worth it.
Human Beans.
Long Johns....and a sneaky background shot of me and Arthur.
Ohh... what's that you say? 'You like that lovely plate with a Raccoon on it?'...I've got in on my wall! All I can say is Arthur is a very good boyfriend and he squirrelled it away for me as a Christmas present. I've wanted one of jimbobarts plates for ages and I'm super chuffed to finally have one!
Me again...demonstrating some customer service skills.
Our Christmas Decoration suitcase.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Crafty Fox

We're going to be here dont'cha know?
We love our trips down to London to take part in this lovely fair, we've been going since the first ever one and have been back for most of them since.
Its a super fair with a wealth of talented peeps selling lots and lots of lovely things.
Please pop down, if you can, and say hello!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Decorations.

Hello Lovelies,
As is usual we've been sewing up a storm but we've taken a little break to stop buy and show you some of new festive treats...
now up on our Etsy shop you can find...
A trio of our favourite Christmas Decorations for only £8.50 (saves you a few pennies because they'd normally be over £10!)

We've had a busy week on the etsy shop, which is really good because it's taken us a little while for it to get going; Its definitely got something to do with being on the front page

Well...i have this little collection on the sewing desk so I had better get back to it...

P.S. Don't forget we're still running the free postage offer for a few more days just use the code frontpagepostage1

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Front Page News!

The eagle eyed amongst you may have seen our grumpy 'ol Long John hanging out on the front page of etsy...that's right...the FRONT page.
Our good friend Vicki created a super treasury and very kindly including the Long John and then the powers that be at etsy put the treasury on the front page!
How very exciting! There he is on the bottom right...

We're so pleased to be on the front page and send a huge big thank you to Vicki for including us.
In celebration of our wonderful news we are offering free postage on all orders for the next week, just use the code frontpagepostage1.

Right, better get back to the Hot Water Bottle Covers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tea Towels.

 This is a picture of a pile of 10 tea towels...some are vintage and some are lovely new fact not pictured is a newly acquired one from Emma Bridgewater's new collection (pssssst....its also signed thanks to one of mum's lovely bosses who is on first name terms with her!)
I have a semi-secret project planned for them, which will involve me sewing them all together. I hope it works and doesn't look like someone ate a whole tea towel factory and then threw it up afterwards.

Watch this space for more pictures...I imagine your guidance will be required!
I'm off to sew them together ( I was supposed to be sewing Crabbittz for the Crafty Fox at Spitalfields but the silly people who organise the whole of Spitalifields messed up the insurance and its been cancelled, I feel really sorry for the peeps behind Crafty Fox because its not their fault at all but they've had to spend their time picking up the pieces!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Where We Do What We Do...& A Picture Of Us

 We were asked for some pictures of our studio's for some new advertising...between the both of us we don't have a super snazzy camera so our good friend Vicki (who's rather lovely and talented and who also has the sweetest little boy in the world) came over and took some snaps for us...we thought you might like to see??

This is where I do my machine trusty sewing machine is hidden behind the tower of Giraffes In Scarfs.

This is where I do all of the planning, pattern designing and cutting...(its a bit like a jumble sale but I like it...I know where everything is believe it or not) The pom poms hang down from a light in the conservatory (I put them up for one Chirstmas but got too attatched to them so they are there to stay now.

This is where I keep all of my creature making essentials.
This is where El does the designing and printing of all of our packaging...its often prone to swear words when the printer won't print properly. She got the giant Woody and the balloons from up when she worked in the cinema (we both used to work there dont'cha know...infact our respective other halfs still do!)

And this where El does the sewing...that wonderful creation you see on the desk is Nina...she's a legend in her own fact this part of El's studio is also often prone to swear words...when Nina refuses to sew. The platypus picture (top right) used to be up in our bricks and mortar shop...back in the days.

And here's El's Inspiration board/place where she sticks things up that she likes...the gold cuckoo clock used to hand in the shop too.

And here's us...gross i know but we were assured that people like to know what the people who make things look like...soo this is what me and El look like...Thats me on the right in the blue top and thats El on the right with the Scrabble neclace on. We often (as in at least once a week) get asked if we're sisters...we're not but its kind of funny that people think we like we are.
Right...I think thats enough for today...hope you enjoyed your little tour around our studios.

P.S. I'm sorry about the unevenly spaced gaps between the pictures and the paragraphs...i've been trying to get the picture to go in the right palces for the last half hour and Bloggers not playing so this is the best I could do.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pictorial Review

These guys have been sentenced to the wicker basket until I list them on Etsy and Folksy.
Coffee break during a supply buying mission...note the delicious lemon yoghurt cake.
Noticed these ridiculously large meringue's whilst grabbing a coffee before going to see Simon Garfield talk about his book Just My Type.
...which you can see five books in from the grumpy looking owl.
And he signed it for me...he said that Bex was the most interesting name he had to sign yet...

Gorgeous mini cooper-esque vintage car parked down one of Cheltenhams leafy streets.
After another literature festival event we went to a bar which  had these lovely labels on their bottle of tonics.

I'll be back soon with some pictures of Human Bean Christmas decorations...until then I'm off to apply Savlon to my damaged sewing finger! (a slither of rather sharp metal got stuck in it...ouch!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

We have a winner! (or two)

You need wait no more dear followers! The give away has been drawn...the Autumn sunshine must have put us in a good mood because we decided to draw two names out of the vintage mustard yellow Le Creuset saucepan which I knew would come in handy one day (I love it too much to risk it getting burnt so I just keep in on the side and lovingly look at it from time to time;) But that's enough fawning over a pan (even though it is truly wonderful) onto the winners!
I like writing so instead of going for one of those random number generator gizmo's I wrote out the names of the the right of this picture you can see the evolution of a Giraffe in a Scarf
You cant blame me for this really is a wonderful pan!                                                                                                 
And here are the names of the winners!

 So, if Littlebirdy Designs and Gill could get in touch via email ( we will set about sending your Human Beans out to you!

All of this give away excitement has gone to my head, I'm off to sew snowflakes and make a button necklace!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Following the funk I found myself in earlier this week (thank you for your lovely advice!) I decided to just crack on and get over it! It seems to have worked, I've spent my day cutting and pinning fabric for some more Giraffes In Scarves.

 Also been playing around with some spotty fabric and lace in the hope of coming up with some Human Bean Christmas you think it matters that in terms of Christmas stock we mainly have decorations (& Christmas cards...coming soon)? I wonder if we should have other products as well?
Whilst snipping and pinning I took some (rubbish) pictures of my notice board...its a bit of mess but I like the bits and pieces that are up there...there's a few old family pictures, and some other bits and pieces which I've pinned up due to my magpie like tendencies!
The picture on the bottom left is of my mum and dad before they were married, it always makes me smile.

Anyway...I'll be back soon hopefully with new/ more Giraffe's In Scarves.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pictorial Review.

I found this plastic wolf and 25p whilst sweeping up at work.

El made this rather good pineapple cushion/plush for a friends birthday.
Appealing barrells waiting to be taken away.
Gorgeous pearl cottons (which unfortunately had to be left behind due to insufficient funds, I think I may regret it for the rest of my life.)
Giraffe in a Scarf, they will all look like this I think.

Feeling distinctly down in the dumps today and have not a lot of confidence in StuffedNonsense's work...only temporary I'm sure.

Don't forget the give away...if you fancy it.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Autumn Face Lift.

 We thought it might be an idea to go for a little bit of a freshen up for Autumn, hence the new font and also the new banner...what do you think? El did it the other day (she's super clever with the old illustrations and what not!), I think the Human Beans look super up there! In fact we think they look soo super we're going to give one of you lovely followers the chance to win one. Just leave a comment on this post (making sure there's a way for us to get in touch if lady luck should favour you) before next Saturday (that's the 15th) and we'll pop your name in! I've come over quite giddy with excitement!

Just a sample of some of the Human Beans we have hanging out in our studio at the moment.
The internet shops are now full to the brim (or will be by the end of the day) too...and the etsy one has a big 'ol 20% discount coupon running at the moment! Just type in autumndiscount1 at the checkout! Perfect for you highly organised peeps who are buying christmas presents all ready methinks??

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Inspired by this super clever lady and her most recent blog post ,I thought I would share some pictures with you of my current obsession...
My name is Bex and I'm addicted to planting Succulents in pretty china cups and dotting them around my home.