Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tea Towels.

 This is a picture of a pile of 10 tea towels...some are vintage and some are lovely new ones...in fact not pictured is a newly acquired one from Emma Bridgewater's new collection (pssssst....its also signed thanks to one of mum's lovely bosses who is on first name terms with her!)
I have a semi-secret project planned for them, which will involve me sewing them all together. I hope it works and doesn't look like someone ate a whole tea towel factory and then threw it up afterwards.

Watch this space for more pictures...I imagine your guidance will be required!
I'm off to sew them together ( I was supposed to be sewing Crabbittz for the Crafty Fox at Spitalfields but the silly people who organise the whole of Spitalifields messed up the insurance and its been cancelled, I feel really sorry for the peeps behind Crafty Fox because its not their fault at all but they've had to spend their time picking up the pieces!


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  1. Mmmmm lovely, lovely tts. Looking forward to seeing what you make. Shame about the Spitalfields event. REally enjoyed the event at the Thames Festival a couple of months ago.