Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Absence & Crafty Fox.

I'm sorry dear followers...
We were rather absent during the festive month of December weren't we? Things just got rather busy and we seemed to spend the majority of the time running around like headless chickens.
We're all rested up now though and are looking forward to a shiny and brand spanking new year.
There are a few new critters planned and few more goals is common around this time of year.
We'll sign off for now, but don't fear, we hope to be back in the next few days...we should have some pictures of a 'Grizzly Geoff' to show you...facebook fans may have all ready seen a sneaky peak...
The pictures below are of our Crafty Fox ended up being the only fair we went to...but boy! was it worth it.
Human Beans.
Long Johns....and a sneaky background shot of me and Arthur.
Ohh... what's that you say? 'You like that lovely plate with a Raccoon on it?'...I've got in on my wall! All I can say is Arthur is a very good boyfriend and he squirrelled it away for me as a Christmas present. I've wanted one of jimbobarts plates for ages and I'm super chuffed to finally have one!
Me again...demonstrating some customer service skills.
Our Christmas Decoration suitcase.