Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

As the title suggests its raining here in fact its been raining for the last 8 hours...and i got soaked riding Caprice home from my new job (that's right, for some reason they thought it was safe to give me a job working with coffee!); But I'm all dried off now and if I'm honest have kind of enjoyed sitting in my sewing room listening to the rain fall onto the conservatory...
(just a little snap of the sewing desk; i apologise about the poor light. You can see my 75p charity shop Scandinavian style horse in the back ground, i like him.)

I went on a walk with Arthur the other day and took some pictures of lots of nice Typography whilst out and about, it would appear there are some rather nice examples around Cheltenham!
(Whats that??? Surely it can't be??? Is that really.....BLUE SKY?)
(We also popped into a Charity Book Shop and i was thoroughly tempted by the lovely burgundy book, if only for its title!!)

Well, i really should stop procrastinating and cut some lopsy lapins.
Just so you know the shops going to be shut this Friday (new job getting their heads around my availability, Also on Saturday the shops shut but we will be running a stall at the Brewery in Cheltenham which is about 10 minutes from the shop so you could come and see us there if you want??

Anyway, stay dry!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Did Something New!!!

Hello lovelies? Are you enjoying your weekend?
We've been busy working on something quite exciting. A few days ago the lovely Jo from The Love Of It got in touch with us and asked if we could come up with some Monster Making Kits as prizes for a treasure hunt she was organising.
We were more than happy to give this a shot as it was something we had been thinking about doing anyway!!
Here's the finished product!!

(We made fifteen in total!)(These three are up for sale on folksy.)Inside each pack is enough monster making supplies to make a rather sweet palm sized monster.There is also a sheet of instructions included with some of El's rather lovely illustrations, we liked the little pictures of monsters soo much we have decided to come up with some stationary sets with them on. What do you think??

Anyway...time to get on with the rest of our Saturday.
Take Care

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Fabric, Some Tomatoes, A Butterfly, Some Buttons and A Bike

Freshly laundered and neatly folded vintage fabric.
Freshly picked, home grown tomatoes (i grew these!!!)
A pretty butterfly on a flower....which i also grew!
Newly purchased vintage buttons.
Arthur's newly purchased Raleigh Bicycle. It doesn't have a name like some Raleigh's do, instead it just says 'The All Steel Bicycle'....which makes me chuckle for some reason. This two wheeled wonder set Arthur back the princely sum of £15. We were in the charity shop when it got donated by a lovely old man who really loved the bike but had to get rid of it because he was too old and as he so aptly put it ' you shrink when your old you see? my doctor has told me i can't ride it any more.'
What about you guys? do you have lovely bikes? what did you take pictures of this week?
More pictures Saturday...hopefully!
I apologise for the title of this post, i was struck dumb and thought that a list of the pictures a) sounded like it could be a band name and b) was mildly amusing....
the problem being that a) i don't know much about band names and b) i have a rather rubbish (some would say bizarre) sense of humour.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stitching & Vintage Fabric

Hello dear followers!
How has your weekend gone?
I'm sat typing this in my favorite 'le moustache' t-shirt in an effort combat the fact that at 12 o'clock I'm lost to cineworld for ten hours! don't worry for my sanity tho', i have come up with a handy trick for surviving the dreaded 12-10...i just think of it as two five hour shifts, one with an hour break the other with a half hour break...its not as bad that way....kind of.
Anyway onto news of the stitchy kind...
we are busy preparing for a craft fair on the 28th of August, for this one we have decided to mainly concentrate on Plush Toys, so we've been sewing up a storm upstairs at 40 Albion Street. Would you like to see??...
(We made these guys with the intention that they would be 'special' toys, you know the ones which a kid keeps forever, ones that sit on the shelves of their bedroom...that sort of thing)

So you have 'Bert' the dinosaur (originally a giraffe) and Paul the possum bear (originally a plain old bear)(he's got quite a cute face, i think he looks a bit shy.)
We've been working on some Misc Monsters for the fair to. They are made out of some super soft fleece. Most of them are patterns which we have made before apart form this little guy...
(He makes me think of a Boxer know when their top lip gets caught up and their front teeth stick its smiling at you?)

We also struck gold on the vintage fabric front. We are lucky enough to have a really good relationship with our local craft store (they order us in extra large bags of stuffing...and we mean i have to carry them back to the shop on my back like a sack of potatoes!) Anyway the lady that runs the craft shop asked if i would like to have a look at some fabric she had eyes nearly fell out of their sockets!

There was sooooo much amazing stuff down there...i believe i shall treat you all to some snaps of them drying on the line... (I think that the awesome orange 70's one is destined to be cushions and perhaps a lion plush, there's also about 2 metres of some lovely pale blue linen)
(There is sooo much of this grey fabric, i do believe that the flowers are sweet peas which is good because they are my favorite!...this fabric will definitely become lots of cushions)
(Another awesome sample from the 70's...I'm rather taken with the lion and its rather smug look on its face! at the far end you can see some wonderful red and blue flowery cotton as well.)
There were lots more fabrics but i didn't want to over do the 'fabric drying on a washing line photos' so i shall take one of those lovely 'fabric in nice neat piles' pictures once its
Anyway...time for some breakfast...
Speak soon

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monster Making At Cheltenham Art Gallery...

Yesterday we packed our monster making supplies and headed on down to the Art Gallery in Cheltenham. There were 15 expectant kiddos waiting for us to divulge to them the secrets of how to make a monster StuffedNonsense style.
We set up and enjoyed a cuppa and five minutes peace before we began...(That's right dear readers....contrary to popular belief we stuff our creations with clouds not stuffing...or so this picture suggests.)(El got her tea in the most awesome dinosaur mug...but perhaps I'm biased as the Stegosaurus is my favorite dinosaur)
The talented young pipsqueaks arrived and set to cutting, stuffing and sewing with great gusto. It was great to see them all going for it and enjoying sewing. The results were fabulous!...

(I loved this little girls guinea pig, she made another one in blue as well, i think she might go home and make lots more! she seemed to enjoy herself loads!)

(The blue one had tap shoes on!)

(The kids that made these four paid so much attention to detail it was fascinating! check out the wings on the one on the far right!)

(These two guys kind of stole the show though....please may i introduce you to...'Super Bat' & 'Bug Boy', the little guy that made these two had such fun playing with them after, it was seriously cute.)

(I love this ones apron, a scarf AND a bow in her hair!)

(A super talented mother and daughter sewing team made these two guys.)

Hope they weren't too scary for you!
We will be back soon with some new creations.