Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Ode To..

It seems like the 'Ode To' post was popular so heres a second one for you.
An Ode To the Triangle.
How sweet is this little Sleepy Mountain Brooch by Pannikin? You can find Pannikins etsy shop here (be warned there are lots of lovely creations...hold on to your purse.)

I think this Geometric Mountain Reflection print from RetroMenagerie is pretty nifty, and i'm fairly sure that at least one of my studio walls needs it hanging on it.
I'm definatly more of necklace person when it come's to jewellery,suffice to say when I stumbled across Solittletimeco's etsy shop I was rather pleased. There Wooden Lockets are soo lovely...I was especially taken with this triangle one (but if anyone wants to buy me the circles one I won't complain.
Last but by no means least we've got this amasing Triangle Sticky Tape from Seventytree. I'm fairly sure that sooner or later some of these will find there way into my shopping basket. Kerry, the super talented lady behind Seventytree has a really good blog too, i highly recommend you take a stroll over.

There you go then folks, the second Ode To is complete, hope you enjoyed it!
I'll be in the studio sewing up a storm for Crafty Fox.

P.S. the winner of the embroidery hoops giveaway is Rachel...please email us your address and we will send them over as soon as we can...our email is

Monday, March 12, 2012

Crafty Fox Spring Market.

We're going to be at this lovely fair on March the 24th & 25th.
We've been going since the Sinead and Stephan accepted our application for the first ever Crafty Fox in 2010 (we tip our crafty hats to them because they put a lot of hard work into each and every aspect of Crafty Fox and it really shows). Every one we've gone to has been an absolute blast. There's always such a lovely atmosphere and a vast range of wonderful hand made items from super talented should go...all of you...even you at the back! Check out the blog for more info on other sellers and what not.
If you do go, and you have read this post please say hello! It's always lovely to meet people that like StuffedNonsense.

Right, off to bed for me (The hellish phenomenon that is Cheltenham Race Week descends tomorrow...and I work in a pub...which means both us StuffedNonsense gals are working stupid hours!)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Give Away.

I finally finished the new embroidery designs I showed you all in this post.
I think we're going to sell them individually but keep the colours the same throughout (I've gone for the rather popular at the minute pastels in this set, so that customers can build up a collection in the same theme...if that makes sense.
What do you think of them?
apologies for the shoddy photo, these were taken hastily with the phone camera.
This one has a lovely texture when you run your fingers over the French knots.
I think this one is my favourite but I'm a little bit in love with anything that has a chevron on it at the moment,
And this one finished up the set, kind of Navajo inspired I think.
We going to trim around the fabric and seal off the back with some card.
Do you like them? Would you like them on your walls?
We thought we might offer up this set as a give away...if anyone's interested...(not sure if they will sell to well...i kind of doodled and stitched them up on a whim).
Anyway,to enter the give away all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by next Sunday (18th of March), telling us what other colour combos you think these would work in. We'll draw the winner in the morning on Monday the 19th. Sound fair?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Ode To...

So I thought that I'd try to do a regular feature over here...kind of like the features that you see over on more organised blogs than this one...but nonetheless I thought we'd give it a shot.
So...every week I'm going to curate an 'Ode to Post'on a specific theme...for example this weeks one is 'An Ode To The Bee' (I'm sure that, given my track record and some what spontaneous blogging, there will be times when there is no Ode To...but there you go.)
Here Goes...
This lovely print from the super talented theblackapple. This lady really is quite talented, don't you think?

Can you see him? I didn't know he was in the frame until i went back home and had a look at it on the computer,
How mind blowingly small is this little guy? My eyes are watering just looking at him! Check out all of the other super small creations over at SU AMI's etsy shop. 
This song always bring a smile to my face and makes me think of my bearded one occasionally sings it. (I hope the link works...its the first time I've uploaded a video to the blog)

Sometimes I come across a handmade item and my jaw drops, the time and attention to detail that people put into their work is just truly amasing, this piece by elsita is one of those jaw dropping items. Head over to Elsa's shop for more wonders.

Lastly I wanted to tell you guys about these wonderful videos. They're shot so beautifully I could just sit and watch them over and over, the beekeeper one is especially wonderful...please head over and check them out.

Well, I think that about ties up the first ever 'Ode To' post, what do you think? Shall I continue with them??
Either way, I hope that you found some lovely bee related things thanks to it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Move Is Complete!

It's finally happened everyone!
After weeks and weeks and weeks of Bex rabbiting on about moving her work room upstairs the move is finally complete.
No pictures yet but we'll sort some out soon!
Needless to say I'm loving having a door and massive windows (the work room before was just attached to the living room and boxed in by shelves), the StuffedNonsense work train is finally getting going again! Which is good because we have a fair few fairs coming up!...a specific post on them due soon too!
For now we will leave you with some pictures of a possible new product for the StuffedNonsense shelves...

What do you think?
There's a few more designs floating around the sketch book too (if you look closely you can see them in the first picture.)
Right...more sewing is required...
See you soon!