Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Weekend Done and Dusted...

Hello Guys,
fingers crossed you are all fine and dandy! Bex was out on the high street again yesterday (she should be careful...shes going to get a bit of a reputation..hehehehe)giving out cupcakes advertising StuffedNonsense. Don't they look yummy?
There was also a bit of stitching going on in the dust bracelets and new bib panels for some new bibs...and some new badges...

Just a heads up...if your reading this and haven't heard of the giveaway we have going on here, its the last day tomorrow, all you have to do is subscribe to our blog and you could win a lovely basket of StuffedNonsense loveliness


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Award and Some New Lovelies For Sale

Afternoon dear followers.
How are you all today? Succeeding at dodging the rain drops we hope?
Just thought we would pop in to let you know that there are some brand new lovelies up for sale on folksy. Yep, Bex may have given herself square eyes from sitting at the laptop for too long but 'by golly' (in a toff English voice) 'she did it!' We thought it would nice if we gave our followers a little pay back for reading our ramblings so if your tempted enough to purchase any of our beautiful things leave us a message on your order and we will pop a little something extra does that sound?
We also received our first award, how exciting,Thank you very much Lucy .
O.K. so we have to list 5 current obsessions..
1. Coming up with the perfect wallet pattern: (Bex has been at this for a day she will succeed!)
2. Buttons
3. Trying to recycle as much fabric as we can. We use a lot of old clothes when we make our monsters, however there are a few designs which are hard to do with out new patterned fabric as they just don't look right... the dust bunnies for example.
4. Our secret project...fingers crossed we can tell you soon
5. Our shop...its soo important to us; and when you think we have only been working together for about 7 months it makes it seem even more crazy!
We also have to give the award to 5 other people and their blogs, ones we enjoy reading...

We'd also like to give the award to some over sea blogs, we pretty sure that the ladies who write the blogs are crazy busy most of the time, but it will give y'all out there a heads up about them, and then you can enjoy the fabtastic stuff they do!
Jenny at Sew Darn Cute
And last but by no means least Heidi at My Paper Crane

Right, thought we would finish up with a picture of our plushies in the WINDOW (that's right the window, not out back or tucked away in a corner, but in the window!) of MADE, the shop in Cirencester which sells our lovelies.



Monday, August 24, 2009

I Wonder If You Saw Us??

Did you?
You might have?
Perhaps you noticed a young lady called Bex bopping along to the banjo music which the man was playing on Cheltenham High Street?
She was giving out lovely flowers with lovely little fliers attached to them...Thank You if you took one...and Thank You if you popped into the shop. We had a fantastically exciting day!!
Watch this space because there will be a LOAD more new goodies going up in the shop and we will be sure to let you all know!! xxx

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Busy Few Days...

WOW! thank you to all you fantastic people for heading over here to join in the StuffedNonsense journey...fingers crossed it will be exciting!
As some of you may know, there is a shop in Cirencester which sells some of StuffedNonsense's stuff; well they recently got in touch asking for more because they had hardly any left!!! (what great news?!) Sooo we've spent all of the past two days fixing up stuff like this...Sewing up a load of dust bunnies...Packaging up a load of button jewellery...And saying Good Bye to some Bob's. eyes need a rest after all that hard work they've done today! Have a Great Saturday!!xx
P.S. Whoops, nearly forgot...Vicky's Ninjas are in the shop safe and sound, they are very very cute!!Look...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little Giveaway...

Hello dearies? I bet i know about something you would like to know about....perhaps we will let you know...
StuffedNonsense is having its first giveaway. At the shop we run a monthly giveaway, as the sound of feet heading up the stairs has been a bit quiet of late we have decided to open up the giveaway to followers of this blog. Sound good? All you have to do is subscribe to this blog by the end of this month (August) and you could be in with a chance of winning a delicious basket packed with StuffedNonsense Loveliness! If you all ready follow this blog, congratulations! your all ready entered....hope you don't mind awfully!
That's it really...the top secret things that have been going on behind the scenes are coming along so very well (we wish you could let you know, but that would ruin it you see..) Watch this space...
Don't forget to have some fun!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our First Week Done and Dusted...

Well that's it. StuffedNonsense's first week of trade has past. Thank you to all of the lovely people who popped in to say hello. It was great to see the people behind the blogs we read. We're trying to come up with some wonderful advertising ideas and we have a pretty big one in the pipe line sooo watch this space!!
The plumps are proving to be very popular so we thought it would be best if we stocked those back up quick, so we spent a lot of Saturday making some new little ones.

I love these little fellas, it looks like the blue one knew i was taking a picture of him! The little white one was soo cute that he sold within 2 hours of being made!!

We've got some exciting news! on Thursday Vicki will be coming into the shop with some of her hand made loveliness so if you like what you see on her blog then why not pop in for a gander?? We are really pleased to have Vicki selling in the shop fingers crossed she is the first of many.... you see we would love for StuffedNonsense to become a haven for local craftsters, a place to pop in for a cuppa and soak up the atmosphere and also a place for people to start selling from. So if you, or anyone you know, has thought about selling their stuff but you (or they) are a bit concerned about taking the plunge then maybe StuffedNonsense is a good place for you to start? Pop in for a chat we are open Thursday-Saturday 10-5 and we are on Albion Street (above Proud Lion). Or if your not local but are still interested pop us an email at

Righto'....lots of bits and bobs to be getting on with!

Have a great Sunday!