Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Snaps and Tidbits for You.

Hello dearies,
Hope your feeling fine and dandy. The shop has been a rather pleasant place to be of late. Our day jobs are rather busy at the moment so the calm of our handmade haven is very welcome!
We spent the most of today working on some fleece creations, there's a chance we might be able to have a stall at a craft fair specifically for kids so we wanted to explore some 'child friendly' fabrics. The fleece we brought is soooo soft, i had to resist stroking it! we used some old 'Misc Monsters' templates, and think we are pretty happy with there look. We are just going to make sure that all of them have felt face panels as the fleece is super fluffy, so if we sew straight onto the fleece you cant see it! I think my favorite is the purple Kangaroo, it looks like hes being held up for his money or something.
(sorry for the fuzzy pictures...the camera was not playing is the way with technology.)
Its El's nephews first birthday soon so she spent some of her day working on this little beauty for a birthday present...You cant tell in the picture that well, but his body is a big 3d ball made from beige cord (a bit like the pipsqueaks but a lot bigger) There's a chance we might make a few more for the shop, what'cha think??
We also took delivery of some amasing jewellery by the talented Bijoux Des Fauves. For those of you who love rather 'quirky' jewellery i think your going to like what this lady does. I'm rather taken with the big grizzly bear necklace myself...i think there may be a genuine need for on in my life!

The tags which she uses are simply amazing, i do believe there will send an email to her shortly asking if she would be interested in making up some prints of them to sell at the shop.

On that zoological note I'm going to sign off, but not before bestowing my words of gratitude to all of ya'll that listen to our sporadic ramblings here...we truly wish we were better at this blogging malarkey but sometimes it is hard to find the time between running the shop and going to work, so if your there....THANK YOU. the support you provide is immense and we would be lost without.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Save Me....!!!!

For i am drowning in a see of buttons!!That's right dear readers, its jewellery making time at StuffedNonsense which means that the jars of two, three and four holed delights are out in full swing!! On the menu today we have Chunky Buttons Necklaces and Extra Long Strand Necklaces.StuffedNonsense fact for you....
Did you know the ideal length for an extra long strand necklace is precisely the same length as Bex, which is around about 5.3!! Save that little nugget for a rainy day i guarantee it will come in handy!
As is usual, lots of comings and goings have been going on in our little old world. We had a manic weekend last week and did 2 craft fairs in as many days, we had a great time at both and met some really lovely people, so if you are one of those lovely people 'hello! and thank you!'.
Then we had orders to meet for the wonderful Sheena and Louise of M.A.D.E, as well as all the usual hubbub associated with keeping shop (said hubbub includes...not dusting, not hoovering the rug and not putting fabric away once your finished with it!)
We also had a day of coping with around about 2 hours sleep (house parties always seem like such a good idea at the time don't they?) whilst finishing Pigeons and Warm Thoughts (ohhh fiddly hand sewing we do love you soo!)
That pretty much brings us up to date.

All that's left to say is starting from 12.30pm tomorrow we are on holiday until we re-open on Wednesday 20th.
Both of us are soo ridiculously excited to be packing our tents and wellies and heading off to the 2000 Trees festival, which is just down the road. its a bit of a tradition now, every year we have soo much fun and this is just what we need to re-charge our brain boxes. Bands we cant wait to see include 65 Days of Static (again), Johnny Flynn (sigh....of course that sigh and dreamy look in my eye is regarding the lovely songs he sings...definitely not his handsome face) Bombay Bicycle Club and Jim Lockey to name a few!! We don't consider ourselves experts or anything but we reckon you might like some of these guys, why not click and have a look???
Ohhhh, and did we mention the open air silent disco? (hazy memories of me jumping around like a crazy person to rage against the machine, Rich singing his heart out to the lion king and all of us performing a perfectly in tune rendition of the Kings of Leon.)
I do apologise for the rather long post....but I'm excited! if there are any half decent photos will pop them up here....perhaps you'll see my new super short hair and glasses??
Stay Safe Lovely StuffedNonsense Followers