Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Roaring Success

The first Craft Night In happened last night.... OH BOY!
It went wonderfully! It was sooo busy we ran out of seats. The event had such a lovely buzz to it. Bring on the next one!
(which is on the 13th.of February if you're wondering.

Monday, January 28, 2013

January Update!

 Hello Internet friends. Just a quick drop in to let you all know (hold onto something...this might come as a shock) that we've just done a small update on the etsy shop. 
We've tried to take better pictures this time around (its something we ALWAYS struggle with), We think they look lots better!

Human Bean Couples...if this pair sells i think I'll cry...I'm a little bit in love with them.

Mighty Oak Acorn Plush...We worked quite hard on the pattern for these so we're pleased to have finally got there!
We're not huge fans of Valentines Day but thought we'd try, so we've made some Valentine themed Human Beans... They are themed in the sense that they are pink and all things to do with Valentines Day are pink (see! not Valentines fans.)

To celebrate the fact that we seemed to have done something proactive on Etsy we're offering 30% off all orders for the next week, just use the coupon code januarydiscount1.
Hopefully there will me more of the favorites listed tomorrow...the studio is getting taken over by Weirdy Beardys!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Craft Night In

After yet another conversation that started with 'wouldn't it be amazing if this existed' we decided to get up off of our crafty bums and make a day dream of ours come to life. may we present to you...

Calling all stitchers, knitters, doodlers, drawers, writers,
painters and anything else in between.

On the second and last Wednesday of every month, starting form the 30th of January, Stuffednonsense in association with Cafe Moochoo (High Street, Cheltenham) will open in the evening 6-9pm for you to bring along whatever project your working on, drink coffee, eat cake and talk crafty arty things.

Fingers crossed we hope to make the cafe a creative hub on Wednesday nights. Somewhere where you can turn up soak up the creative juices as well as a coffee and possibly some cake.

 (The sign in the making...a rather effective bodge job if you ask me)

hopefully this jolly little display will entice people to come in and ask for more info.
There's a facebook page and event here if your interested...fingers crossed some people will be!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year.

September came and went,
October came and went,
November came and went,
& December came and went...
All without a word from us. 
2012 was a new kind of crazy. It was sometimes fantastic and sometimes horrible, but we're here on the other side, ready to dip our toes into the creative adventures that 2013 will bring. 
We're going to try to sort this blogging business out but we imagine that in reality we will fall a little short of regular posts...but we will try.
 in the words of Bex's Nan
 'Wishing you health, wealth and happiness for the coming year'
Here's a few sneaky Instagram peeks of new things we're working on...

We find it a lot easier to be on Instagram more at the moment so you can keep up to tip top date with us over there if you want...our name is stuffednonsense.