Sunday, January 13, 2013

Craft Night In

After yet another conversation that started with 'wouldn't it be amazing if this existed' we decided to get up off of our crafty bums and make a day dream of ours come to life. may we present to you...

Calling all stitchers, knitters, doodlers, drawers, writers,
painters and anything else in between.

On the second and last Wednesday of every month, starting form the 30th of January, Stuffednonsense in association with Cafe Moochoo (High Street, Cheltenham) will open in the evening 6-9pm for you to bring along whatever project your working on, drink coffee, eat cake and talk crafty arty things.

Fingers crossed we hope to make the cafe a creative hub on Wednesday nights. Somewhere where you can turn up soak up the creative juices as well as a coffee and possibly some cake.

 (The sign in the making...a rather effective bodge job if you ask me)

hopefully this jolly little display will entice people to come in and ask for more info.
There's a facebook page and event here if your interested...fingers crossed some people will be!


  1. I've shared this on my facebook page as it sounds wonderful! Wish I lived closer x

    1. Wow Stacie! that's great thankyou! It's sort of one half of our dream...the other half being a retail space attached to it where we can sell hand designed and made items...the only problem is that cheltenham high street business rates are sooooo expensive so we figured...get our name out there with this event and fingers crossed people will begin to recognize our name meaning we could look at locations a little bit out of town (and with cheaper business rates!)... that's the plan anyway!

  2. Wishing you so much luck with this bex, I wish I lived locally to you guys, would love to come to this sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time :) p.s. thank you so much for mine and Henry's Xmas presents, Alison gave them to us yesterday and we love them, Henry stole the coffee heater! He really likes it and I love my birdy mat, so cute, thank you so much. Your presents are with Alison and dot, enjoy! Love safxxx