Monday, January 28, 2013

January Update!

 Hello Internet friends. Just a quick drop in to let you all know (hold onto something...this might come as a shock) that we've just done a small update on the etsy shop. 
We've tried to take better pictures this time around (its something we ALWAYS struggle with), We think they look lots better!

Human Bean Couples...if this pair sells i think I'll cry...I'm a little bit in love with them.

Mighty Oak Acorn Plush...We worked quite hard on the pattern for these so we're pleased to have finally got there!
We're not huge fans of Valentines Day but thought we'd try, so we've made some Valentine themed Human Beans... They are themed in the sense that they are pink and all things to do with Valentines Day are pink (see! not Valentines fans.)

To celebrate the fact that we seemed to have done something proactive on Etsy we're offering 30% off all orders for the next week, just use the coupon code januarydiscount1.
Hopefully there will me more of the favorites listed tomorrow...the studio is getting taken over by Weirdy Beardys!


  1. Hi Bex, your new creatures are very cute, love the little acorn plush :) and the small human bean couples are so sweet together with the bunting in the pics, really lovely :) hope your both doing well at the mo, safxxx

  2. Thanks for the discount code! The shop is looking good! Faye