Thursday, March 18, 2010

Would You Like to Play?....

Hello dearies? how are you all, we hope your head didn't hurt too much from your St. Patrick's days festivities. We've spent a lot of the time hiding from the drunken race goers who descend on Cheltenham once a year...its been quite an adventure!
Anyway....if you could please lend me your ears (or eyes) i would be most grateful...
We are going to take part in an arts/craft swap. it is an international swap, and all you have to do is make one lovely hand made piece ( be it a picture,a card,a purse,something beady,something sparkly...anything goes!) in return you get 36 pieces sent to you from all over the world. it works on a sort of chain type system...when i think about it too much hurts my head...but trust me it will work.
soo if you would like to play in this art/craft swap please get in touch by leaving a comment or dropping us an email.
we decided to do it because there are some rather talented people already playing and stuff like this is kind of what blogging is all about. think of the all the new people you could get in touch with just through making one small thing.
anyway....hopefully hear from you soon!!
Warmest Regards!
(Thanks for listening to this StuffedNonsense broadcast!)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well Lookee Here...

Spring has definitely sprung here in sunny 'ol Cheltenham. I'm sat here typing this in my lovely sunny and bright sewing corner supping on a cup and saucer of St Margaret's Hope First Flush Darjeeling (ohhhh that's sounds fancy doesn't it!?) whilst listening to my shiny new (belated Christmas present from ma and pa smith) DAB radio...readers let me tell you, it is a thing of beauty all retro style with cream and brown and a big dial on the front....wonderful!
Anyway, we have been a little bit absent around these parts and its most definitely time to get spring cleaning....i think I've gotten rid of most of the cobwebs but things are still pretty busy so please hang in there if there are a few still floating about.
Right...the PipSqueaks are finally up and running!! It took El and I about 6 goes to get the design right. It was great to see our design process working, we sure do make a good team i think!! Here they are...
These four are the free standing ones that have squeakers in them (there were five of them but one got snapped up by ma smith) please note the lovely flowery background fabric which is destined to become a pair of ohh so fashionable culottes for me to wear in the summer...if my jedi sewing skills and stretch that far!

(please excuse the chipped grey nail varnish! i went to a party at the weekend dontcha know! and i haven't taken it off yet cos I'm classy that way!)i like the way that this one looks like he is asking a question.this one has nice old bit of Amy Butler Fabric for her tail and wings.and i think this one just looks a bit mean, don't mess with her!

I like it when we make things like these little guys. At StuffedNonsense we make a conscious effort to only work from loose patterns so when we make little critters like these guys each one is guaranteed to be different in one way or another...I think that's a nice thing.

What else? Hopefully telling all of you lovely people this bit of news wont jinx anything...but I'm too excited not to tell you all. If , at the end of April, you happen to by a wonderful magazine called Sew Hip! you will probably (fingers crossed...) find a tutorial on how to make the PipSqueaks (written by our own fair hands!) and also (and rest assured my fingers and toes are crossed even tighter for this one) you may find a bit of a feature on us!!! EEEEEKKKKK!! we are soo honoured and happy to be asked to help with this magazine (I've brought it since issue one!!) So if you please, send all your good luck thoughts to us!!

Also, StuffedNonsense is going to be rocking like true felt princesses at TWO music festivals this year!! Wohooooo, from the 4th-6th of June we will be running felt monster making tutorials at The Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham; And from the 10th to the 12th of September we will probably be at The End Of The Road Festival in Dorset, showing the lovely people down there how to monster it up!!

Soooo, there you have it that's all of our exciting news....we hope we haven't jinxed it for us but we had to let you all know because loads of you have been there with us from the start and its only fair. It looks like the StuffedNonsense journey is getting more and more exciting doesn't it?! We're glad your here to join in with us!!

P.S. the PipSqueaks SHOULD be up on folksy by the end of this afternoon.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Recent Comings And Goings...

Alright there dearest followers?
Its been a busy week at StuffedNonsense, with lots of planning and furious stitching. Following the success of HandMade for Haiti we had a few orders to quickly make up, including a batch of rather colourful and cute Warm Thoughts for a customer...There were also a few Spring/Summer ideas which we wanted to launch. "Ooohhh how exciting!" we hear you say! And we would like to say back that at this point in time things are rather exciting for for us and our little shop. We wont say much more in case we tempt fate, but we promise to let you know when its all confirmed!
Anyway...where were we? Spring/Summer...
First up are these sweet little creations, they are called PipSqueaks...
The free standing ones squeak when you give them a little squeeze, but the hanging ones don't though. Perfect for Spring and Easter, they will be in our folksy shop soon (and also hopefully MADE) just as soon as we transform from almost round calico balls...
Also, we've been working on some bits and pieces for the home. Now the sun is beginning to make more of an appearance we felt the need to create whatnots to help you enjoy the sun at home. Imaging sitting on a garden chair, in a patch of sun, your favorite paperback on the table by your side, enjoying a delicious cup of Rosie Lee (and some cake!) ohhh so delicately placed upon this wonderful placemat and napkin...
We've also conjured up a design for some coasters which we think would make a lovely mothers day present. They brighten up any coffee table...
And last, but by no means least, some place mats, perfect for protecting your dinning table!

Righto', that's it for tonight my dears, its time for some rather delightful sausage and mash and then some equally delightful music!

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