Friday, July 22, 2011

Monster Making Pictures & A Work In Progress

Hello Dearies!
We finally feel normal after the insanity of 2000 trees, which means that things are getting ticked off of our permanent list of things to do...
One of the items on said list was put up the pictures from our monster making workshop which we did at the a fore mentioned festival (phew...that sounds a tad formal doesn't it!?)
I look at these pictures and find it hard to believe that the majority of the kids had never sewn anything before! I've said it before, but doing these workshops is soo refreshing...the kids just go for it, they don't care if one of their creatures eyes is wonky or if one of its arm is scoo-wiff, they just go for it!

Little Evie (I apologies if I've gotten your name wrong young lady!)
The young lad I made this pink bat with was called Jacob and he was the sweetest little guy.
And now onto some pictures of the tattoo inspired Sugar Skull i'm working on (I believe I've mentioned it here before?) called No Blood's got to be done by the start of august so I really should start concentrating on it properly!
What do you think?...I was concerned it was too bright?
(and here's a slightly embarrassing studio/Bex in action shot...because I figured out I had a timer on my camera...thank you for not laughing.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And The Winner Is...

What a wonderful weekend we had dear followers! The 2000 Trees Festival didn't fail to disappoint.
We're just getting used to normality and have quickly popped by here to announce the winner of our Giant Human Bean giveaway which we have had running for the last week.
Soo, get your drums at the ready and start rolling them....
An over sized tea cup suited the giveaway drawing purpose
So congratulations to Clare, i can't seem to find a contact email for you, so if your reading this Claire please can you email us your address within a week of this post and we'll get busy sending you a little package...(if your not in touch by a weeks time we'll re-draw it and let someone else have another go.)

I've no idea why, but i thought it might be a good idea to post up a picture of the creators of StuffedNonsense (that's me and El) after we'd consumed the better part (meaning the whole part) of a box of wine and quite a bit of spiced rum...following this consumption we then had the time of our lives at the Head Phone Disco at 2000 Trees...if your saw us we apologise.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Honour Of...A Give Away.

Some of you may or may not know but StuffedNonsense's annual holiday is always The 2000 Trees music festival. Its local to Cheltenham (only a 20 minute drive) and we've been going for a fair time...this years visit will be my third year and El's fourth year. We always have such a lovely time whenever we go...fond memories of dancing like a lunatic during the Headphone Disco and nursing somewhat delicate heads (courtesy of too much cider) whilst sitting on a bale of hay in The Leaf Lounge.Anyway, we're quite excited about going to this year,we could do with the time off. The last four weeks have been very busy so a whole weekend off with a box of wine for company is looking very appealing.
Which brings us onto the title of this post....
In honour of our annual holiday we're going to have a giveaway. You could soon be the proud owner of a Big Human Bean...these guys are brand new to StuffedNonsense (i only just finished listing some on our folksy and etsy shops) Here's a snap of the guy that you could soon get your paws on...(and who's to say that we wont pop in a few extras??)
all you have to do is leave us a little comment and we will enter you into the give away. Comments are open until Tuesday the 19th of July....Ready...Steady...Go!
(don't panic people who live over seas!...the give away is open to people not in the U.K.)

The below pictures is the beginnings of an embroidered picture for this exhibit...sounds exciting doesn't it! We're really quite chuffed to me asked to take part in it!
Right, i'm off to buy a camping stove.
Good Luck Everybody!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pictorial Review No. 3

Hello lovelies!
Its been a busy busy week...what with a Craft Fair to attend and lots of extra hours at the day job (due to an awesome music weekend.)
So with out further ado...
In the run up to the craft fair I had sewing on/with me at all times...these Warm Thoughts were given their eyes during a coffee and crumpet break at a lovely cafe called Moochoos (I'm a regular customer there. If your local please pop in and say hello to the gent who runs it...the coffee is great and the cakes are wonderful!)
Another current obsession of mine...putting succulents into china cups (I'm concerned I may have posted this picture apologies if I have)
Dust Bunnies.
Crabbittz and Little April tags waiting to be attached.
A tiny gap in sewing meant I could do a bit of work on the printing tray that Arthur brought me...I'm going to stick some lovely scraps of Sanna Annuka wrapping paper (which I've been saving up for ages) into some of the bigger spaces to break up the brown.
Yes dear readers...believe it or not that's a picture of one half of StuffedNonsense (can you see me?...I'm the one behind the suitcase...with a gormless grin on my face)
And here is a picture of the other half of StuffedNonsense...El. Being the highly organised duo that we are we were still cutting business cards by the time the craft fair started.
New Stuff...we thought we would make the Human Beans big...they come in a brown kraft shoe box which have Human Bean stamped on them.
And here are the more traditional sized ones.
This lovely lady was our neighbour. I was super pleased that she was next to us because I discovered her work a few weeks back and sent her a rather embarrassing email saying how awesome I thought her stuff was and how I was pleased that she was based in Cheltenham like us. It was lovely to meet her in person and have a good old chinwag about trying to go it on your own. Her name is Megan Alice and she's the talented lady behind Megan Alice on her name and follow the link to her website and it! wont be disappointed.
Whilst your over on her website please buy me the coral coloured purse you can see in the back of this picture...thank you.
There were lots of classic cars at the craft fair.
It wasn't an official Craft Fair it was called Cheltenhams Midsummer Fiesta.
unfortunately for us crafty types people weren't really expecting wondrous hand made items and as a result were reluctant to a)look properly and b)part with their hard earned money.
It was also a bit awkward as there were a few charity and religious stalls handing out leaflets which kind of put people off looking closely because they thought we were going to try and preach/get money of off them.
everyone deserves a stall and what not...I just think it could have been better organised i.e. having all of the hand made stalls together and all of the charity stalls together...does that makes sense? (oh dear...I hope that doesn't come across as a rant)
How much would we give for a Moris Minor Traveller?...(the answer is a lot)
One of our last customers of the day didn't have any shoes made me chuckle when I saw his I took a picture of it.

Right, i'm off for an early night...
My apologies if the rant half way through this post annoyed anyone

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lacey Lanterns.

I work in a lovely pub called The Swan in Cheltenham, its a wonderful place to work. We're having a music festival there this weekend it's called's going to be super weekend and I can't wait!
My lovely boss asked me to make some lanterns out of glass jars and wire (given my crafty credentials) to go on the tables. I made the lanterns (much to my fingers distress) but couldn't resist adding a little something to them...what do you think?
I made 13 of them in the end but there will be more by the weekend...
I stuck the lace on with watered down PVA glue...I think they look quite lovely, and i hope that once there is a candle in them the light of the candle coming through the lace will look lovely.

P.S. The picture below proves that i don't just make Human Beans...
I also make ridiculous amounts of Warm Thoughts.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pictorial Review No 2.

Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of pictures of things that caught my eye this last week...a little snippet into the life of a StuffedNonsense creator...if you like.
I'm supposed to be sewing these labels into Warm Thoughts...but I'm not doing that...because I'm doing this post instead.A cake stand being put to good use and holding some of our many threads and a little solider bottle opener...(you can also see some of my succulent plants in pretty tea cups)A Jay feather and a Magpie feather...spotted by the eagle eyed Arthur.Sweet Peas on my bedside table/chair (it was quite lovely to wake up to the smell this morning)MORE Human Beans (we do make other things apart from these guys...they're just so popular that we're building up the stock levels of them big time)A pretty snail shell (snail-less now though...if you look closely you can see the hole that a hungry bird pecked through)A rather wonderful typewriter in a charity shop.Our newly acquired Green Man ( he cost us one whole English pound) hanging in his new home.Little Aprils and Human Beans waiting to be posted out to the MaisonetteAnother obligatory messy desk shot.A rather fantastic record player in a rather fantastic shop called Olive... (there facebook page is here) if your local to Cheltenham and like wonderful clothes then hold onto your purse strings because I guarantee that you'll want to buy everything in it; they also have a brilliant zine section (its where I buy my copies of Frankie Magazine from)
And some Sunflowers to finish it off.

Now to get back to sewing the labels.
How was your week?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Suspicious Beans...

We've had to 'step up' the making dans en StuffedNonsense. This has resulted in there being lots of piles of half finished creations...piles of Little Aprils on the breakfast bar, stacks of Warm Thoughts Eyes on the book shelf and...Human Beans in 'suspicious little zip-lock bags'
Catch my drift?
I'm really quite taken with these three Beans. The 'bodies' of the stack of beans pictured above are 100% vintage, we brought the little packs from this wonderful etsy shop, quick postage and awesome product...if any of you delightful people are on the look out for some vintage fabric related wonders we strongly recommend them!
As mentioned in this previous post, this is becoming too much like a distraction and not enough like finishing the beans so i'm afraid i must leave this place.
I'll be back Sunday with another Pictorial Review...did you like the last one?