Friday, July 1, 2011

Suspicious Beans...

We've had to 'step up' the making dans en StuffedNonsense. This has resulted in there being lots of piles of half finished creations...piles of Little Aprils on the breakfast bar, stacks of Warm Thoughts Eyes on the book shelf and...Human Beans in 'suspicious little zip-lock bags'
Catch my drift?
I'm really quite taken with these three Beans. The 'bodies' of the stack of beans pictured above are 100% vintage, we brought the little packs from this wonderful etsy shop, quick postage and awesome product...if any of you delightful people are on the look out for some vintage fabric related wonders we strongly recommend them!
As mentioned in this previous post, this is becoming too much like a distraction and not enough like finishing the beans so i'm afraid i must leave this place.
I'll be back Sunday with another Pictorial Review...did you like the last one?

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  1. haha they looks so funny/cute in little bags like that! x