Friday, July 22, 2011

Monster Making Pictures & A Work In Progress

Hello Dearies!
We finally feel normal after the insanity of 2000 trees, which means that things are getting ticked off of our permanent list of things to do...
One of the items on said list was put up the pictures from our monster making workshop which we did at the a fore mentioned festival (phew...that sounds a tad formal doesn't it!?)
I look at these pictures and find it hard to believe that the majority of the kids had never sewn anything before! I've said it before, but doing these workshops is soo refreshing...the kids just go for it, they don't care if one of their creatures eyes is wonky or if one of its arm is scoo-wiff, they just go for it!

Little Evie (I apologies if I've gotten your name wrong young lady!)
The young lad I made this pink bat with was called Jacob and he was the sweetest little guy.
And now onto some pictures of the tattoo inspired Sugar Skull i'm working on (I believe I've mentioned it here before?) called No Blood's got to be done by the start of august so I really should start concentrating on it properly!
What do you think?...I was concerned it was too bright?
(and here's a slightly embarrassing studio/Bex in action shot...because I figured out I had a timer on my camera...thank you for not laughing.)

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  1. Kids art is fabulous they just go for it and it's never wrong. It would be great to get that freedom back again. They all look as though they had a fun time with you. x