Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pictorial Review No 2.

Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of pictures of things that caught my eye this last week...a little snippet into the life of a StuffedNonsense creator...if you like.
I'm supposed to be sewing these labels into Warm Thoughts...but I'm not doing that...because I'm doing this post instead.A cake stand being put to good use and holding some of our many threads and a little solider bottle opener...(you can also see some of my succulent plants in pretty tea cups)A Jay feather and a Magpie feather...spotted by the eagle eyed Arthur.Sweet Peas on my bedside table/chair (it was quite lovely to wake up to the smell this morning)MORE Human Beans (we do make other things apart from these guys...they're just so popular that we're building up the stock levels of them big time)A pretty snail shell (snail-less now though...if you look closely you can see the hole that a hungry bird pecked through)A rather wonderful typewriter in a charity shop.Our newly acquired Green Man ( he cost us one whole English pound) hanging in his new home.Little Aprils and Human Beans waiting to be posted out to the MaisonetteAnother obligatory messy desk shot.A rather fantastic record player in a rather fantastic shop called Olive... (there facebook page is here) if your local to Cheltenham and like wonderful clothes then hold onto your purse strings because I guarantee that you'll want to buy everything in it; they also have a brilliant zine section (its where I buy my copies of Frankie Magazine from)
And some Sunflowers to finish it off.

Now to get back to sewing the labels.
How was your week?


  1. Love those sunflowers!
    it's too nice to be inside sewing lables on!

  2. Lovely pics! That typewriter is fab...did you buy it?