Friday, February 20, 2009

Drum Roll Please......

Evening All.

Please bring your hands together for.......

Stripey Phillip.

Phil likes to spen his time staying up late watching repeats of Keanen and Kell whilst eating refreshers.


Minature Dust Bunnies. NOTE... there stories have changed.Have you ever wondered what happens to all of your dust after you have dusted it away??.....It becomes Dust Bunnies, they like to hdie in comfy nooks and crannies and watch the human world pass by.

Until next week


Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Visitors to Casa Stuffed Nonsense.

Afternoon all! How goes it???

We've just finished checking in three new guests at Stuffed Nonsense.... please welcome


A wooly stripy stumpy mamoth, hes a simple fella who likes to spend his days watching the flowers grow in the garden.

Colin and Psychedelic Dust Bunny.

Colin is the lovely little penguin on the right, he likes to spend his time listening to Ska and Two Tone and is an expert on current affairs. The Dust Bunny is the first in a new range, hes fresh from the seventys and is guaranteed to keep your house free of excess dust.....probably (note the disclaimer here.)

Right m'dears, thats all from us this afternoon, weve stitched until our fingers were raw!

Look out for the new guys on folksy (should be up by tomorrow!!!)

Take Care.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Introducing Bartholomew

Now available to buy online at


A determined young soul of a rabbit who was left behind by his owner in a Safari Park. To find out more of Bart's story buy him for 6 English Pounds and for you money you will get Lovely old Bartholomew and also a copy of his unique story!!


What could this little fella possibly do?? Theres a clue in its name...he plumps things up....pillows.....cakes.....clouds....any number of plumpable things. If you brought this Plump then you would never need to plump up anything ever again....probably. He can be yours for 5 English Pounds, if you buy him you will also get a copy of their orginal story.

A Long Time Coming.

Hello there, we've been busy beavering away here at stuffed nonsense and we have finally gotten around to finishing off one or two of our nonsensical creations for you. So its finally time for some pictures.

Top Left: A Motley Crew waiting to be sent to their new homes
Top Right: Plumps wings getting made
Bottom Left: A Little Felt Stash and a wingless plump.