Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Grand Opening Of Our Etsy Shop & Another New Creature...

Believe it or not tomorrow El and I are going to pull an all-dayer (i do believe that is an actual word) and list some handmade wonders on our new and shiny etsy shop.
We wanted to be able to list throughout the day so we have spent the last week or so concentrating on sewing up a storm for it.
If you head over to the shop sometime tomorrow (evening is probably best) you should (fingers crossed....) find some little creatures that look a lot like this...
The light is a little off in this photos, its a bit cloudy in the land of Cheltenham...but hopefully you get the idea.
Which brings me on to the 'other new thing' can see him at the back....hiding behind the Warm Thought and to the rather handsome teal coloured pigeon...

That's it, you've got him...
The shy looking Elephant...with the lovely patch on his back...
They are going to be called 'Hup, Two, Three's' (you've seen the jungle book right?)
We've tried to make these ones as child safe as we can, the ears are machine embroidered on, the eyes are safety toy making eyes and the back patch is hemmed and machine sewn hopefully it can hold up to most things.
What do you think?
Have a lovely Sunday (I'm off to have a nap...pesky new bar job and change to routine...I'm used to going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 6am!)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long Johns and New Shoes.

I think the title of this post would make a good title of a song.
Except this post isn't about a song with a cool title its about a new addition to StuffedNonsense.
This rather disgruntled looking creature is called a 'Long John'
As you can see he's tired and grumpy. You see the poor guy doesn't know how to fall asleep; he's tried it all...Horlicks, Camomile Tea, Lavender Oil, Counting Sheep. He just doesn't know how to fall one ever showed him. So he lives out his days wondering aimlessly around trying to understand what the fuzzy feeling in his head and eyes means. Poor guy.

This is where I need your help loveliest of lovelies.
Most of the plushies that we make at StuffedNonsense are 'cute' and 'pretty' and I'm concerned that these guys are none of those things. Don't get me wrong i like to make 'Cute & Pretty' things but it felt good to come up with something not so.....ermmmmm 'nice'. Does that make sense?
These guys are definitely for 'grown ups' and coming up with something more grown up was one of StuffedNonsense's aims for the New Year.
The stuffed Long John in the above pictures was the first one I made and since then I've made a few changes...the face is a little smaller and I've changed the eyes...they are now french knots instead of seed beads...
Yay or Nay???
I haven't stuffed the 'new' ones up yet... but I think you get the idea.

Also....i brought some new shoes...
(please excuse the rather gross floor...I took this picture whilst I was at work and I work in a pub that doesn't have a very nice floor behind the bar.)
I love them a little bit.

Anyway, your feedback on the Long Johns is greatly appreciated!
Peace Out!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playmobil, Milkshakes and Where I Sew.

Hello lovelies?
How are you all doing...hope you are enjoying your 2011 so far.
I've just returned from a wonderful trip to Bath Road (for non-Cheltonians...bath road is a mecca of charity shops and lovely cafes, i went with the lovely Vicki. It was a lovely day and we came across a few bargains...I left with a Playmobil set, a sweet little glass with flowers on it, a scrap book with the title of 'A Scrap Book Of Britain, including the most important Foreign Events 1688-1937'(This has all ready been snaffled up and taken to the 'geekatorium, which is the spare room/Arthurs room...home to comics,a large Bat Man mural on the wall, many comic figures, film posters,an N64 games console, and Books on battles and such probably deserves
a post all to itself really)
I couldn't resist getting the playmobil set out when we were having lunch (tasty looking milkshake, hey?)

Also, thought I would share a few (rubbish) pictures of my workroom.
The chair I sit on at my work table is a vintage one from a hairdressers...which Arthur and I rescued from the street! (can you believe that someone would throw that beauty away??)
This is just a little corner that I quite like, I found the embroidered picture of the girl at a boot fair, I think i paid 20p for her!
And here is my collection of coloured knitting needles.

There not very good pictures but I know that I love to see pictures of peoples studios so I thought that you might like to see a few of mine.

Well I've procrastinated enough...time to get on.
Have a lovely week

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

ooohhhh the possibilities...

The problem with having a shop next to a fabric shop is that the fabric shop occasionally has sales and then you end up leaving with a big pile of fabric that looks a little bit like this...My fingers are itchy just looking at it!
More pictures to follow soon.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011.

Well dearies, that came along fast didn't it?
I've spent the afternoon looking through everyones first blog posts of 2011 and it made for lovely reading. it was exciting to hear of everyones creative plans for the coming year.
Our plans are similar to most peoples (and with the bricks and mortar shop going we think there's a chance we might actually accomplish some of these plans!...fancy that.)
a. Get new designs and ranges sorted.
b. Be better at blogging.
c. Make our Folksy shop better.

d. Fathom the world of etsy and create a totally wonderful shop for us there.

e. Do trade shows and get more suppliers.

f. By the end of 2011 we want a website, a proper business plan and (this is a big one guys so prepare yourselves) a wage from StuffedNonsense.

I guess that's it really...if you put all of those plans into a big pot it would boil down to 'just carrying on'...i predict big things for StuffedNonsense and i think that will mean some stressful times, some sad times, some incredibly exciting times, some happy times and most importantly some creative times.
Happy New Year dear followers, may 2011 bring you everything you want and deserve!
Here are some little snaps of a work in progress (the outcome of all of the embroidered picture 'research/window shopping')

What do you think so far??

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