Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playmobil, Milkshakes and Where I Sew.

Hello lovelies?
How are you all doing...hope you are enjoying your 2011 so far.
I've just returned from a wonderful trip to Bath Road (for non-Cheltonians...bath road is a mecca of charity shops and lovely cafes, i went with the lovely Vicki. It was a lovely day and we came across a few bargains...I left with a Playmobil set, a sweet little glass with flowers on it, a scrap book with the title of 'A Scrap Book Of Britain, including the most important Foreign Events 1688-1937'(This has all ready been snaffled up and taken to the 'geekatorium, which is the spare room/Arthurs room...home to comics,a large Bat Man mural on the wall, many comic figures, film posters,an N64 games console, and Books on battles and such things...it probably deserves
a post all to itself really)
I couldn't resist getting the playmobil set out when we were having lunch (tasty looking milkshake, hey?)

Also, thought I would share a few (rubbish) pictures of my workroom.
The chair I sit on at my work table is a vintage one from a hairdressers...which Arthur and I rescued from the street! (can you believe that someone would throw that beauty away??)
This is just a little corner that I quite like, I found the embroidered picture of the girl at a boot fair, I think i paid 20p for her!
And here is my collection of coloured knitting needles.

There not very good pictures but I know that I love to see pictures of peoples studios so I thought that you might like to see a few of mine.

Well I've procrastinated enough...time to get on.
Have a lovely week

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  1. Your work room looks interesting, I love looking at creative dens. I like your radio too.

  2. oh my that girl is amazing! I am so jealous, we must go boot fair shopping together next time!! xx