Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long Johns and New Shoes.

I think the title of this post would make a good title of a song.
Except this post isn't about a song with a cool title its about a new addition to StuffedNonsense.
This rather disgruntled looking creature is called a 'Long John'
As you can see he's tired and grumpy. You see the poor guy doesn't know how to fall asleep; he's tried it all...Horlicks, Camomile Tea, Lavender Oil, Counting Sheep. He just doesn't know how to fall one ever showed him. So he lives out his days wondering aimlessly around trying to understand what the fuzzy feeling in his head and eyes means. Poor guy.

This is where I need your help loveliest of lovelies.
Most of the plushies that we make at StuffedNonsense are 'cute' and 'pretty' and I'm concerned that these guys are none of those things. Don't get me wrong i like to make 'Cute & Pretty' things but it felt good to come up with something not so.....ermmmmm 'nice'. Does that make sense?
These guys are definitely for 'grown ups' and coming up with something more grown up was one of StuffedNonsense's aims for the New Year.
The stuffed Long John in the above pictures was the first one I made and since then I've made a few changes...the face is a little smaller and I've changed the eyes...they are now french knots instead of seed beads...
Yay or Nay???
I haven't stuffed the 'new' ones up yet... but I think you get the idea.

Also....i brought some new shoes...
(please excuse the rather gross floor...I took this picture whilst I was at work and I work in a pub that doesn't have a very nice floor behind the bar.)
I love them a little bit.

Anyway, your feedback on the Long Johns is greatly appreciated!
Peace Out!
Posted by Bex.


  1. Ooh he is N.I.C.E! In the photo's his face looks stronger using the beads, but the teeny eyes are working well whichever you decide.
    Fabulous shoes...

  2. oooh I loves the long johns a whole whole lot! And you know I love the shoes already :) xx

  3. I say 'Yay!' I like softies aimed at adults, over half of my Fox's sold to grown-ups so there are definitely people who buy them, I think it'll go down well on Etsy. Of course, I don't always have a clue what I'm talking about, but I like him. Beth :)

  4. Wow the long johns are awesome!!
    If you are making some more 'grown up' plushies with interesting facial expressions, that would be great. I'm sure they would do really well on Etsy too xx

  5. yay, and I identify with the sleep thing, I like the idea of an insomnia companion. Love those shoes
    Kate x