Wednesday, August 29, 2012

testing testing 1,2,3

hello dear followers,
just popping by to attempt a blog post via a swanky new phone. 
Also,we're now on Instagram our name is StuffedNonsense.
We'll be back soon!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Down In The Dumps List.

Here is a list of thing that i should be doing...

  • Working on a press release so we can approach new sellers for the festive season.
  • Taking a deep breath and turning the Grizzly Geoff inside out so i can re-sew the hole i just poked into it with my chop stick.
  • Cutting out Weirdy Beardy pieces for a new trade order from this lovely shop.
  • Hoovering up the millions and millions of tiny little white dog hairs that have been deposited on our carpets and sofa thanks to the temporary resident that is known as percy.
  • Ringing the tax people up to confirm that a problem which has gone on for sooo long is finally sorted.
  • Making my two best friends birthday presents.
  • Cleaning the bathroom.
  • Working on a new design which has been floating around for a while.
Here is a list of things I have done instead of doing the list above:
  • Wonder around feeling sorry for myself.
  • Worry about a little dog with an upset stomach.
  • Mope around and do nothing constructive with my day.
  • Day dream about being a professional and quitting the day job (rather than a grade a procrastinator and day dreamer.)
  • Sniff lots due to sneaky cold.
  • Worry lots about an appointment to have a tooth taken out.
  • Taken lots of deep breaths and looks around the studio and thought 'Right Bex...pull yourself out of it'...and then done nothing about it.
  • Changed position at least a million times due to sore knees and hips.
  • Worry that i'm turning into a boring person who moans and groans all of the time.
  • Worry about a dear friends who have been given a rough deal of late.
So i figured if i wrote it all out here i might actually do something about it...maybe.
What about you guys? what do you do when the dreaded creative lull hits, because i i've been in this for over a month now and i'm worried my friends are going to give up on me!
Answers on a postcard please...or you can just pop them down there in the comment box...It's up to you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bargain Beans!!

Just stopping by to let you guys know that I've just finished listing a shed load of Human Beans at super reduced prices. They're normally £7 but they're going for £2.50 over at our etsy shop! Grab 'em quick! once they're gone, they're gone.
Some rather cheap ladies...and I don't mean that in a hussy kind of way.
There's some really lovely ones in this batch.
Some rather dapper gents.
And a few more gents for the pot.

 The chat is not flowing too well at the moment, so my apologies for the lack of communication around these parts, normal service should eventually resume!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Celebratory Coupon Code!

In honor of little mention in Mollie Makes we've added on a coupon code for 25% off at our etsy shop! It's active from now and will run for 2 weeks! Sooo, head on over and grab yourself something nice!!
Like one of our new Happy Wooden Spoons....

Or even one of our new Vintage Fabric Plush....
The choice is yours but either way you get 25% off with the code MOLLIEMAKES

Also here's a snap of my new studio companion, he's called Percy and he's keeping me company for the next month (he's Arthurs mum's Jack Russell Puppy)

This is him 'helping' me take pictures of stock.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Little Mention In The Massive Mollie Makes

The eagled eyed Facebook people among you may have seen our rather excited status this morning...but just in case anyone missed it, there is a little quote from us all about the joys of selling in a temporium like Paper Scissors Stone (the shop we were selling in in Bristol).
There's also a rather neat picture of our Grizzly Geoffs! 
So a big thank you to Bryony (the brains behind Paper Scissors Stone) and the Mollie Makes crew for getting in touch. It really is quite lovely to see our creatures in the pages of such a  top notch publication.
It's spurred us on to pull our creative finger out and get on with this running of a business we supposedly do. Which means that fingers crossed there will be some new work and more posts coming this way soon. Watch this space... hopefully there will be something going on here...eventually!