Friday, August 3, 2012

A Little Mention In The Massive Mollie Makes

The eagled eyed Facebook people among you may have seen our rather excited status this morning...but just in case anyone missed it, there is a little quote from us all about the joys of selling in a temporium like Paper Scissors Stone (the shop we were selling in in Bristol).
There's also a rather neat picture of our Grizzly Geoffs! 
So a big thank you to Bryony (the brains behind Paper Scissors Stone) and the Mollie Makes crew for getting in touch. It really is quite lovely to see our creatures in the pages of such a  top notch publication.
It's spurred us on to pull our creative finger out and get on with this running of a business we supposedly do. Which means that fingers crossed there will be some new work and more posts coming this way soon. Watch this space... hopefully there will be something going on here...eventually!

1 comment:

  1. Ow bex am so chuffed for u both! Being in mollie makes is amazing! Well done :) love your new stock by the way :) safxxx