Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Spoon People.

Sometimes you see an object and you know instantly what you want to do with it...which was the case when I saw these sweet little wooden spoons at Utility in Brighton.
I saw them and instantly imagined a happy face on I did a bit of internet searching and came across a tool called a 'pyrography pen'.
 The rest, as they say, is history...
A stubbly one.
A beardy one.
A 1920's moustached one.
A wavy haired one.
One with funny shaped 'blushes' on her face.
One with filled in hair.
I've hand painted the ends of them so they look a more finished.
The state of the work table whilst they are in production.
Each one is double sided, so you get a lady and a man on each spoon.
What do you think?...I'm worried its another case of me wondering off into my head and making something which no one else will ever get or understand? Do you prefer them with the filled in hair? or a mixture of both?
Thanks for your help!


  1. Well being a huge fan of repurposing spoons myself, I really like them and I think they fit in with your other lovely creations. I like the attention to detail with the painted handles. Now tell me do you want people to have them as decoration or use them? Go with your feelings and remember no one will leave a negative comment!! XXX

  2. I love the one that looks French! With the curly moustache, they are lovely :) they would make cooking less of a chore and more a pleasure! I think they will fit in nicely with your sewn products, well done, I love the painted ends to,xxx

  3. I think they are lovely. I love Utility too - so many blank canvases and lovely colours. I prefer the ones with outlines rather than filled in hair. I particularly like the first two - beards are where its at. Georgina Giles