Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comings and Goings...

hello everybody,
Just stopping buy to let you know how it is in the StuffedNonsense studio.Everything is ticking along well...fabulously well in fact. We're gearing up for, what looks to be, our busiest Christmas yet. We've got 5, possibly 7 new stockists, a stall at this years Crafty Fox Christmas Market, a stall at the Christmas MadeProject Fair, as well as our Etsy shop. Sooo, we're pretty busy. We're trying to be super organised and get the Etsy shop full to the brim by the end of this that we can, in theory, concentrate on making stock for the new stockists and craft fairs. It does mean that we wont be able to pop by here so often...although we're popping pictures up regularly on Instagram so you can keep up with us there...our name is StuffedNonsense if you want to follow us...
And in keeping with our stocking up of the Etsy shop plans, I've just finished listing our Christmas Decorations (well almost, we're just waiting on some small embroidery hoops but don't worry the snow flake hoop decorations will be up soon)
Human Bean Decorations...find them here.
Weirdy Beardy Decorations...find them here.
Moustache Decorations...find them here.
Right, that's it for now!
Hope your all fine and dandy

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

testing testing 1,2,3

hello dear followers,
just popping by to attempt a blog post via a swanky new phone. 
Also,we're now on Instagram our name is StuffedNonsense.
We'll be back soon!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Down In The Dumps List.

Here is a list of thing that i should be doing...

  • Working on a press release so we can approach new sellers for the festive season.
  • Taking a deep breath and turning the Grizzly Geoff inside out so i can re-sew the hole i just poked into it with my chop stick.
  • Cutting out Weirdy Beardy pieces for a new trade order from this lovely shop.
  • Hoovering up the millions and millions of tiny little white dog hairs that have been deposited on our carpets and sofa thanks to the temporary resident that is known as percy.
  • Ringing the tax people up to confirm that a problem which has gone on for sooo long is finally sorted.
  • Making my two best friends birthday presents.
  • Cleaning the bathroom.
  • Working on a new design which has been floating around for a while.
Here is a list of things I have done instead of doing the list above:
  • Wonder around feeling sorry for myself.
  • Worry about a little dog with an upset stomach.
  • Mope around and do nothing constructive with my day.
  • Day dream about being a professional and quitting the day job (rather than a grade a procrastinator and day dreamer.)
  • Sniff lots due to sneaky cold.
  • Worry lots about an appointment to have a tooth taken out.
  • Taken lots of deep breaths and looks around the studio and thought 'Right Bex...pull yourself out of it'...and then done nothing about it.
  • Changed position at least a million times due to sore knees and hips.
  • Worry that i'm turning into a boring person who moans and groans all of the time.
  • Worry about a dear friends who have been given a rough deal of late.
So i figured if i wrote it all out here i might actually do something about it...maybe.
What about you guys? what do you do when the dreaded creative lull hits, because i i've been in this for over a month now and i'm worried my friends are going to give up on me!
Answers on a postcard please...or you can just pop them down there in the comment box...It's up to you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bargain Beans!!

Just stopping by to let you guys know that I've just finished listing a shed load of Human Beans at super reduced prices. They're normally £7 but they're going for £2.50 over at our etsy shop! Grab 'em quick! once they're gone, they're gone.
Some rather cheap ladies...and I don't mean that in a hussy kind of way.
There's some really lovely ones in this batch.
Some rather dapper gents.
And a few more gents for the pot.

 The chat is not flowing too well at the moment, so my apologies for the lack of communication around these parts, normal service should eventually resume!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Celebratory Coupon Code!

In honor of little mention in Mollie Makes we've added on a coupon code for 25% off at our etsy shop! It's active from now and will run for 2 weeks! Sooo, head on over and grab yourself something nice!!
Like one of our new Happy Wooden Spoons....

Or even one of our new Vintage Fabric Plush....
The choice is yours but either way you get 25% off with the code MOLLIEMAKES

Also here's a snap of my new studio companion, he's called Percy and he's keeping me company for the next month (he's Arthurs mum's Jack Russell Puppy)

This is him 'helping' me take pictures of stock.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Little Mention In The Massive Mollie Makes

The eagled eyed Facebook people among you may have seen our rather excited status this morning...but just in case anyone missed it, there is a little quote from us all about the joys of selling in a temporium like Paper Scissors Stone (the shop we were selling in in Bristol).
There's also a rather neat picture of our Grizzly Geoffs! 
So a big thank you to Bryony (the brains behind Paper Scissors Stone) and the Mollie Makes crew for getting in touch. It really is quite lovely to see our creatures in the pages of such a  top notch publication.
It's spurred us on to pull our creative finger out and get on with this running of a business we supposedly do. Which means that fingers crossed there will be some new work and more posts coming this way soon. Watch this space... hopefully there will be something going on here...eventually!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Spoon People.

Sometimes you see an object and you know instantly what you want to do with it...which was the case when I saw these sweet little wooden spoons at Utility in Brighton.
I saw them and instantly imagined a happy face on I did a bit of internet searching and came across a tool called a 'pyrography pen'.
 The rest, as they say, is history...
A stubbly one.
A beardy one.
A 1920's moustached one.
A wavy haired one.
One with funny shaped 'blushes' on her face.
One with filled in hair.
I've hand painted the ends of them so they look a more finished.
The state of the work table whilst they are in production.
Each one is double sided, so you get a lady and a man on each spoon.
What do you think?...I'm worried its another case of me wondering off into my head and making something which no one else will ever get or understand? Do you prefer them with the filled in hair? or a mixture of both?
Thanks for your help!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


 Hello lovelies. I've spent the whole day partaking in what is commonly called 'nesting' (or at least it's commonly called that on the internet...I think i'd be more inclined to call it working bloody hard, painting lots of things, hammering lots of things, a pit of sawing (swiftly followed by a bit of bleeding) and a lot of lifting and arranging.)But let me tell you it, it was well worth the effort.
Me and the beardy made a promise to ourselves that we would start using the whole of the house which we are so lucky to live in (considering it's just the two of us, we have soo much space, and the best landlords in the world); and seeing as we have dear friends due to visit in August we thought the conservatory would be a good place to start. It used to be where my old workroom was but now it has been morphed into the oh so grand 'Reading Room' (which is pretty funny because it makes us sound like some super posh people who have a breakfast room, a sun house, a ball room and many other rooms...which is not the case, believe me) 
To kick start the proceedings I decided to spruce up some old shelves which were in a sorry state.
Here they are, poor old things!
We decided to paint them the same shade of teal as the walls in the 'reading room'
Then I painted a previously beige wall in the conservatory grey. Then I backed the jazzy shelves with some rather lovely paper from M.A.D.E, and then i hung my collection of jugs above the shelves.
Then I arranged by assorted crap/tat pretty china on the shelves. 
Then I felt rather smug with myself because i think it looks pretty tip top. What about you?
Then I sorted and sifted through piles and piles of our stuff and put into one big pile named 'to go to the bootfair' Then I put stacks and stacks of books onto the shelves and arranged various odds and sods in front of said books.
Then I collapsed into a pile onto the lovely leather chair you can see in the picture above, and wrote this blog post. 
What do you think?...I'm rather chuffed with it myself but then I like to wear socks with sandals or tights, so I don't really rate my judgement on 'what looks good'. 
There's a little piece of me which thinks that the fourth picture down wouldn't look out of place on design sponge...but that's a bit big headed of me I think.
Anyway...time for some tea and biscuits. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


From the uninspiring cave we've been lying in for the last month. We got properly stuck in the rather un-productive droll of everyday life. It kind of felt that everything we was making was just O.K....that nothing was amazing. If that makes sense. We didn't even feel to positive about this little place here, and found ourselves wondering if there was any point doing it...'does any one read it?' 'do people read it and think...what a load of old rubbish'...the usual things. I wouldn't say we're feeling 100% but we're almost on the road to here we are...

Some of you may know that we're currently taking part in the super dooper Paper, Scissors, Stone in Bristol. Its a 'temporium' jam packed with incredible hand made and hand designed items. All the people are either based in, or local to Bristol. It's going really well for us, a steady stream of sales every week. Each seller has to do a shift a week, StuffedNonsense's one is Thursday, It's great fun to head down there on the train, have an hour strolling around the shops and cafes, and then work in a shop which is soo packed full of like minded people! I often work with Pigeon and Martha Ford...what a lovely talented pair of ladies to spend my Thursday afternoon with! If your local maybe you could pop in and have a browse...and if your a local creative peep why not apply for volume three??

If you see this sign...follow the arrows and pop in!
Photos taken during the launch party.
By the front door of the shop there are pictures of all of the sellers holding some of there cant see mine, its in front the chap in the yellow shirt.
Thats me in the pink blouse.
This gent brought a Mini Weirdy Beardy.

There are lots more pictures of the shop over on the facebook page.
That's all for now.
I'll hopefully be back soon.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Ode To...

Lovely Simple Necklaces 
(that are filling up our etsy favorites...I just can't help myself, they're all so lovely and I'd hate to forget about one...seriously you should go and look at our favorites, there are soo many there)
I love these, the listing/description is superb and makes me smile when ever I read it. I think the choice of colors are perfect (i'll take the second on the left taa very much) and the thin chain is perfect. They are made by ulala, find the etsy shop here and the listing here. (If my Frankie reading memory serves me well her bags were in one of the most recent issues.)
I'm a plain loose jersey top kind of girl (when i'm not working...when i'm working i'm generally found in a ridiculously bright vintage dress of some helps me through the dull days!...and helps with my sense of humor) and i think  know that this lovely would look perfect with every daytime top I own...FACT. Made by thingslikediamonds, find the etsy shop here, and the listing here.
I'm certain that this beaut would look the bees knees on a night out, not too fancy but the metallic tones will jazz up any plain top, it comes from BlueBirdLab, find the etsy shop here, and the listing here.
I love the colors and simple pattern on this beaut...and the gold chain... in fact i love the whole thing (you see?....this is my problem...and hence why our favorite page is FULL of everything) It's made by depeapa, find the etsy shop here and the listing here.
Another geometric lovely, I don't know what is about these hexagons but I like them a lot. The colors and mix-matched sizes of this one are perfect for me...and lots of other people i'm sure. It's made by frausieben, find the etsy shop here and the listing here.

Its my birthday tomorrow (I asked the bearded one to get me something from my etsy favorites as a birthday gift...fingers crossed he's got me one of the lovely necklaces pictured above or one of the many more in our favorites!)
Take Care

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pictorial Review...

 We're super busy sewing up lots and lots of stock for Paper.Scissors.Stone. and also trying to organize Curio's Emporium.
A tasty treat at my favorite Cafe in Cheltenham...if your local and you haven't been to Cafe Moochoo...may i politely ask what your doing with your time and request that you head on over there toot suite (its on the high street)
I GREW THESE!...with the bearded ones help, they are Anemones. 
I ALSO GREW THESE!...they are Sparaxis.
AND THESE!....they are called Stocks (but lots of you probably all ready knew that.)

These are new to StuffedNonsense 'Vintage Fabric Lavender Do-Dads' aka Lavender Bags but we thought the above sounded better. Made from super bright vintage fabric and lace and jam packed full of French lavender. they shall be making there debut this Saturday at Curio's Emporium first pop up pub fair at The Swan in Cheltenham 12-6
 Anyway, I'm off to Google cures for Prickly Heat and plan tomorrows sewing high jinx!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pictorial Review...

 The chat still isn't flowing, so here's some more pictures of the last week or so.
We went to Bristol and I brought this fella, he's made by the lady behind mmm biscuits and I have called him Basil...because I am an almost 26 year old who still has to give everything a name.
This part of the studio wall is dedicated to my new collection...which is titles 'metal things to hang on the wall next to my light switch'
A close up of Basil's face...which i think is quite lovely.
Newly thrifted vintage fabric...i'm thinking i'll make a limited run of plush from it...especially the horse....but not the clown...he's creepy.
my computer desk chair...which used to be in a hairdressers...until they threw it out and I picked it up off the street.
I brought some new sandals and i like them a lot. Today I wore them with socks...which I have heard is a big no no...nevertheless I did it.
An 8.30 shot of the sewing desk...I was busy sewing up a full series of Weirdy Beardy's...which i delivered today.
Here are said Weirdy Beardy's...with their brains hanging out because I hadn't sewn them up when I took the picture.
I have decided to cover the two tone floor boards in the studio with lots of different rugs, so i was quite pleased to score this animal hyde rug (i think it was some sort of long haired creature...perhaps a goat) in the charity shop. Normally fur is a big no no to me (i once handed back a lady her fur coat when i worked in a cloak room because I couldn't bare to touch it) but I'm fairly sure this is a by-product, meaning the animal wasn't killed purely for its fur. My apologies if me purchasing the rug offends anyone.
Our ever increasing collection of pictures above our bed. The far right and far left pictures were given to us by a dear friend and I love them. He recently went to the hadron collider for an interesting project.
StuffedNonsense will be making baby mobile's soon, here's the first mock up..I like it a lot.
Work in progress shot.
 That's all for this week, if you haven't done allready...take a look at our facebook page...we pop by there quite alot these days.