Thursday, June 28, 2012


From the uninspiring cave we've been lying in for the last month. We got properly stuck in the rather un-productive droll of everyday life. It kind of felt that everything we was making was just O.K....that nothing was amazing. If that makes sense. We didn't even feel to positive about this little place here, and found ourselves wondering if there was any point doing it...'does any one read it?' 'do people read it and think...what a load of old rubbish'...the usual things. I wouldn't say we're feeling 100% but we're almost on the road to here we are...

Some of you may know that we're currently taking part in the super dooper Paper, Scissors, Stone in Bristol. Its a 'temporium' jam packed with incredible hand made and hand designed items. All the people are either based in, or local to Bristol. It's going really well for us, a steady stream of sales every week. Each seller has to do a shift a week, StuffedNonsense's one is Thursday, It's great fun to head down there on the train, have an hour strolling around the shops and cafes, and then work in a shop which is soo packed full of like minded people! I often work with Pigeon and Martha Ford...what a lovely talented pair of ladies to spend my Thursday afternoon with! If your local maybe you could pop in and have a browse...and if your a local creative peep why not apply for volume three??

If you see this sign...follow the arrows and pop in!
Photos taken during the launch party.
By the front door of the shop there are pictures of all of the sellers holding some of there cant see mine, its in front the chap in the yellow shirt.
Thats me in the pink blouse.
This gent brought a Mini Weirdy Beardy.

There are lots more pictures of the shop over on the facebook page.
That's all for now.
I'll hopefully be back soon.


  1. Hey bex, it's lovely to see what you've been up to lately, I missed reading your blog! Don't worry we all get times were its hard to feel motivated and life takes over, your not alone. But i think your guys shop is very original and your both very talented so please keep going :) good luck with Paper, scissors, stone, it looks amazing, take care, safxxx

  2. Oh, this looks lovely - I wish I lived nearby! Your products are wonderful, I could quite happily have walked away with your whole stall at Crafty Fox. Hope you feel better soon x

  3. We all have those weeks or months when inspiration just doesn't arrive, but don't panic! Soon those sleepless nights when you have so many ideas whirling around in your head that you have no time to stop will be back. I love your work and will always pop in to take a peek.

  4. I think, as said above, that it's perfectly normal to have 'is it worth it?' periods, I do at least once a year. Good to hear you feel it's passing, I'd missing hearing and seeing what you're up to if you did stop. Bethx (the linen cat)

  5. Hiya. I enjoy reading your blog, so please don't stop blogging. We all go into ruts, I try and take a mental 'runny' at things when I'm in one(it's the mental version of the run you took as a kid when you had to do a big jump and you were scared of doing it, but you ran at it anyway at top speed...that's what a 'mental runny' is except it's not physical! Hope you understand what I mean!). Dawn xx