Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Ode To...

Lovely Simple Necklaces 
(that are filling up our etsy favorites...I just can't help myself, they're all so lovely and I'd hate to forget about one...seriously you should go and look at our favorites, there are soo many there)
I love these, the listing/description is superb and makes me smile when ever I read it. I think the choice of colors are perfect (i'll take the second on the left taa very much) and the thin chain is perfect. They are made by ulala, find the etsy shop here and the listing here. (If my Frankie reading memory serves me well her bags were in one of the most recent issues.)
I'm a plain loose jersey top kind of girl (when i'm not working...when i'm working i'm generally found in a ridiculously bright vintage dress of some helps me through the dull days!...and helps with my sense of humor) and i think  know that this lovely would look perfect with every daytime top I own...FACT. Made by thingslikediamonds, find the etsy shop here, and the listing here.
I'm certain that this beaut would look the bees knees on a night out, not too fancy but the metallic tones will jazz up any plain top, it comes from BlueBirdLab, find the etsy shop here, and the listing here.
I love the colors and simple pattern on this beaut...and the gold chain... in fact i love the whole thing (you see?....this is my problem...and hence why our favorite page is FULL of everything) It's made by depeapa, find the etsy shop here and the listing here.
Another geometric lovely, I don't know what is about these hexagons but I like them a lot. The colors and mix-matched sizes of this one are perfect for me...and lots of other people i'm sure. It's made by frausieben, find the etsy shop here and the listing here.

Its my birthday tomorrow (I asked the bearded one to get me something from my etsy favorites as a birthday gift...fingers crossed he's got me one of the lovely necklaces pictured above or one of the many more in our favorites!)
Take Care


  1. Happy Birthday Bex! I hope your having a wonderful day, I'm sure Arthur will spoil you :) Hope theres lots of cake too, all our love Saffa and Henry,xxx

  2. Oooh...thank you so much for including my necklaces in such a nice selection ^_^