Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pictorial Review.

Big succulents...most of mine are tiny compared to these.
In an attempt to be more organised and (ahem) professional I spent a large portion of my week sifting through the scrap basket and cutting out Human Bean body fabric...the idea being that when we get an order the whole process will be more stream lined as half the work is done in advance...fingers crossed.
I finally finished my 'light shade' for the studio, I'm fairly sure it looks like it belongs in a 5year old's bedroom but I like it so they you are. (the crochet flowers were provided by the talented Vicki from Lilley Stitches.)
This picture sits on my computer desk and always makes me smile without fail. It's of me and Arthur (he's the one with the beard) when we went to Brighton a few weeks back...happy happy memories.
This is the print in the background of the previous picture, I treated myself to it last week, it's supposed to go in our bedroom but it seems to have gotten waylaid. LesChosesImprimees is full of lovely things...perhaps you should take a look?
We get an Abel&Cole vegetable box delivered every week, this week they sent us an abundance of Cherry Tomatoes so we made Brushetta for really was quite delicious!

That's all for now guys...still not feeling terrifically chatty, I'm off to tweak the Grizzly Geoff pattern a little bit.

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