Monday, May 28, 2012

Pictorial Review...

 We're super busy sewing up lots and lots of stock for Paper.Scissors.Stone. and also trying to organize Curio's Emporium.
A tasty treat at my favorite Cafe in Cheltenham...if your local and you haven't been to Cafe Moochoo...may i politely ask what your doing with your time and request that you head on over there toot suite (its on the high street)
I GREW THESE!...with the bearded ones help, they are Anemones. 
I ALSO GREW THESE!...they are Sparaxis.
AND THESE!....they are called Stocks (but lots of you probably all ready knew that.)

These are new to StuffedNonsense 'Vintage Fabric Lavender Do-Dads' aka Lavender Bags but we thought the above sounded better. Made from super bright vintage fabric and lace and jam packed full of French lavender. they shall be making there debut this Saturday at Curio's Emporium first pop up pub fair at The Swan in Cheltenham 12-6
 Anyway, I'm off to Google cures for Prickly Heat and plan tomorrows sewing high jinx!

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  1. Happy Birthday Bex! Hope you have a really lovely day today and I'm sure Arthur will spoil you :) Have a great time with lots of cake, all our love Saffa and Henry xxx