Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pictorial Review...

 The chat still isn't flowing, so here's some more pictures of the last week or so.
We went to Bristol and I brought this fella, he's made by the lady behind mmm biscuits and I have called him Basil...because I am an almost 26 year old who still has to give everything a name.
This part of the studio wall is dedicated to my new collection...which is titles 'metal things to hang on the wall next to my light switch'
A close up of Basil's face...which i think is quite lovely.
Newly thrifted vintage fabric...i'm thinking i'll make a limited run of plush from it...especially the horse....but not the clown...he's creepy.
my computer desk chair...which used to be in a hairdressers...until they threw it out and I picked it up off the street.
I brought some new sandals and i like them a lot. Today I wore them with socks...which I have heard is a big no no...nevertheless I did it.
An 8.30 shot of the sewing desk...I was busy sewing up a full series of Weirdy Beardy's...which i delivered today.
Here are said Weirdy Beardy's...with their brains hanging out because I hadn't sewn them up when I took the picture.
I have decided to cover the two tone floor boards in the studio with lots of different rugs, so i was quite pleased to score this animal hyde rug (i think it was some sort of long haired creature...perhaps a goat) in the charity shop. Normally fur is a big no no to me (i once handed back a lady her fur coat when i worked in a cloak room because I couldn't bare to touch it) but I'm fairly sure this is a by-product, meaning the animal wasn't killed purely for its fur. My apologies if me purchasing the rug offends anyone.
Our ever increasing collection of pictures above our bed. The far right and far left pictures were given to us by a dear friend and I love them. He recently went to the hadron collider for an interesting project.
StuffedNonsense will be making baby mobile's soon, here's the first mock up..I like it a lot.
Work in progress shot.
 That's all for this week, if you haven't done allready...take a look at our facebook page...we pop by there quite alot these days.


  1. I am tempted to get pregnant JUST so I can justify buying one of those mobiles! x

  2. Cutest sock and sandal combo I've ever seen! Sometimes it just works!