Friday, February 25, 2011

We Made Some Cushions and Found Some Good Fabric.

Hello StuffedNonsense followers?
Hope you are all ticking along and enjoying the first snatches of Spring.
I was supposed to get these made yesterday but had a terrible day involving absolutly no self confidence and a rather large grey cloud about my head for the whole im sure you are aware these conditions are no conductive to a productive
I woke up this morning feeling marginally better and manage to get these out of the sewing machine....
We've been stashing lots of vintage fabrics away and found ourselves being a bit to precious with them soo we took the plunge and coupled with some vintage doilies I made these (hopefully) lovely cushions.
This one is made from the same fabric as the curtains in my work room.
I love this fabric, sweet peas are my favorite flowers so i was very chuffed to find this fabric!
Im unsure of this one, the fabric is amazing but i'm not sure if it is too much. What do you think?
I know they are effectively 'only cushions' but do you like them?? (im rather taken with the off white shade of the doilies)
It would seem that the vintage fabrics gods smiled upon us on Sunday and i left the boot fair with this stash, which meant i didn't mind using up some of our other fabric on the cushions...afterall i have these beauties to replace them!
And lastly i wondered if you would like to see a corner of my work table that is making me smile a little bit...The daffodils smell lovely and every time i look at the little gnome playing the accordion he makes me chuckle.

Hopefully i'll be back soon with a more cheerful disposition but for now i'm still trying to see through the gloom...sewing is helping though.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Straight Out of the Workroom...

Just some pictures of items fresh off of the sewing desk...they are all destined for By Local a lovely shop in Cheltenham that we have the pleasure of selling in.
From 10 triangles of fabric scraps we give you..
Some Desk Top Bunting.
Some coin purses and pencil cases.
Also the rather handsome mustard chicken is called 'Norris' because chickens are sometimes called 'Chooks' which sounds like 'Chuck' and Chuck Norris is the best Chuck...I'm cool like that.
Just a small post to give you a heads up, if your local then you can purchase any of these lovelies from the By Local shop in the Regents Arcade.
(hope you don't think this incredibly boring...we intend to return in a few days with some new creatures of the plush kind....)
How exciting!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Considerably Large Amount of Buttons & Cute Cardboard Animals.

Just a quick post before i drag my sick body into work.
I went to the car boot fair Sunday,when i arrived it didn't look good,less than half the normal amount of stalls but nonetheless i persevered and at the last stall i stumbled across a lovely (but very crazy) old man who had lots and lots of buttons for sale. i was there for a while and carefully made my button related decision. The wise old/crazy man could clearly see that i was a
connoisseur of buttons and offered me all of his mixed button tubs...totalling 10 Tupperware pots full....for £20. I ummmmed and ahhhhhhed for five minutes '£20? is that alot to spend on buttons...if i brought them on Ebay it would cost me that much just for the postage'...before deciding that it was a rather sensible thing to do as the button collection was getting depleted. So that was it, I'm now the proud owner of, what some would say. 'too many buttons'.
This isn't even half of them trust me.

In other non-related button news, Arthur and I went to Cirencester to see the lovely ladies of MADE (to show them new stock) It's such a lovely shop and it was great to see iro iro's work gracing the shelves. As is normal i left with a few 'necessary' purchases.
One of which were these ridiculously cute cut out and stick 3D animals (I've got one more left to make....a squirrel). They are made by Mibo, if you go and take a look please be careful...the other animal sets are so cute i worry that your bank account my lose some £'s.

Anyway, I'm going to search out some strepsils and think up spring designs...cos I'm cool like that.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Don't Normally Notice...

Sometimes, when I'm finding things a bit tough and everything seems grey I find myself noticing things that I wouldn't normally notice.
It's as if my brain is saying 'Hey there sad face....its not all that bad...take a look at this...that's pretty cool right??'So, with that thought in mind dear StuffedNonsense fans, here's some of the things that 'picked me up' today whilst I was at work.
A small sign nailed onto the back of one of the chairs.
Just one of the lovely lights, when I'm a 'grown up' and have a big house I would like some lights like this one in it.
The weaving on the back of one of the chairs...its normally covered up with a cushion but my helpful brain box spied it out.
And another one of the cool lights at work.
Soo, that's all I can muster up for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures

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