Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Considerably Large Amount of Buttons & Cute Cardboard Animals.

Just a quick post before i drag my sick body into work.
I went to the car boot fair Sunday,when i arrived it didn't look good,less than half the normal amount of stalls but nonetheless i persevered and at the last stall i stumbled across a lovely (but very crazy) old man who had lots and lots of buttons for sale. i was there for a while and carefully made my button related decision. The wise old/crazy man could clearly see that i was a
connoisseur of buttons and offered me all of his mixed button tubs...totalling 10 Tupperware pots full....for £20. I ummmmed and ahhhhhhed for five minutes '£20? is that alot to spend on buttons...if i brought them on Ebay it would cost me that much just for the postage'...before deciding that it was a rather sensible thing to do as the button collection was getting depleted. So that was it, I'm now the proud owner of, what some would say. 'too many buttons'.
This isn't even half of them trust me.

In other non-related button news, Arthur and I went to Cirencester to see the lovely ladies of MADE (to show them new stock) It's such a lovely shop and it was great to see iro iro's work gracing the shelves. As is normal i left with a few 'necessary' purchases.
One of which were these ridiculously cute cut out and stick 3D animals (I've got one more left to make....a squirrel). They are made by Mibo, if you go and take a look please be careful...the other animal sets are so cute i worry that your bank account my lose some £'s.

Anyway, I'm going to search out some strepsils and think up spring designs...cos I'm cool like that.

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