Friday, February 11, 2011

Straight Out of the Workroom...

Just some pictures of items fresh off of the sewing desk...they are all destined for By Local a lovely shop in Cheltenham that we have the pleasure of selling in.
From 10 triangles of fabric scraps we give you..
Some Desk Top Bunting.
Some coin purses and pencil cases.
Also the rather handsome mustard chicken is called 'Norris' because chickens are sometimes called 'Chooks' which sounds like 'Chuck' and Chuck Norris is the best Chuck...I'm cool like that.
Just a small post to give you a heads up, if your local then you can purchase any of these lovelies from the By Local shop in the Regents Arcade.
(hope you don't think this incredibly boring...we intend to return in a few days with some new creatures of the plush kind....)
How exciting!

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