Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello....Are You Still Out There??

People, People, People....
We apologise for a stupidly long absence from this little space. our only excuse is that we have been insanely busy. It turns out that if you run a shop (stocked mainly with your own hand made items), do two craft fairs (within a week of each other), try and buy, wrap and post off peoples Christmas presents,make a big pile of custom orders AND work a part time job all at the same it kind of takes up a lot of your day. But fear not! we think we are back on the ball. prepare yourself for a marathon post!! Where shall we start.
We mentioned on a previous post that we were going to be at a local craft fair organised by the lovely people behind Fear Of Butterflies .It went fantastically well, and was well worth the hard work we put in.We think the stall looks lovely.

A week after this lovely event we were at another lovely craft fair in Bristol organised by Fran and the other lovely people behind Bristol Folk House . This event was soooooo much fun. if any of you are local (or planning to visit there anytime soon) then we strongly recommend that you pop into their cafe because it is super cool!(there was a man drinking coffee from a huge mug whilst playing the piano...we need say no more!) However to get ready for this super event we had to pull a little bit of an all nighter at the shop the day before...Yep, that's Arthur stepping up to the mark making badges.A Red Long Legged Monkey, comics for badges, and bags of buttons for jewellery.And here are some of the fruits of our labours, there's only to of these guys left now!! We clean forgot to take any pictures of the stall in Bristol, it went so well and there soo many people there that we didn't really get a chance.

Right, what next?

Custom orders...Finished today we have...

A Skull Cushion (with a pocket at the back), we love its pink bow. We made two of these for the lovely Roxy (one of our bestest customers)A grumpy Persian Cat made for a customer. El's quite taken with this little guy. We also made,but forgot to photograph, 3 cushions and an apron!

Well we reckons that's probably as much StuffedNonsense as we can cram down your throats for a Saturday evening. If you've made it this far we will reward you...

We think its about time we had a little giveaway at the shop...a little Christmas present/ new year present for our loyal followers. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what you would custom order from StuffedNonsense and you could be in with the chance of winning your custom order in real life 3D!!! You've got until this time next week to get your entry in!! This could be fun!!

Right...time for a blanket and a snooze on the sofa!