Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Ode To Camera's

Hello there, here's another 'Ode To'. you know when you have those days when you just don't feel chatty...well we're having a few of after the other; and you know those days when you really need to sew up orders but you just can't get into it and you think that everything you sew isn't quite right...well we're having a few of after the other. So please excuse the temporary lull in communications, we're busy reading all the answers to 'how do you get out of your creative ruts?' over on the Etsy featured seller interviews. We'll be back soon!
I like the color of this card and also we have a camera just like this one in our collection and it's one of my favorites. Check out twoguitars Shop here.
Love this print by Amy Walters, she was at one of the crafty Fox's we went to...I brought a brooch with a man with a big quiff on it...and a beard. Her shops lovely, go look...if you fancy it.

this sweet little brooch is by ladybirdlikes...we also met her at a Crafty Fox...I brought a wooden paper plane necklace from her, her shop is jam packed full of loveliness.
How cute is this little guy? Sweet enough to be put into our 'Ode To' is the answer...find the listing here.
These pot holders by happyfamily are wonderful, and they put my rather grubby oven gloves to shame! Lots more wonderfullness over in their Etsy shop.

We'll be back soon when we are feel a bit more able! Have a tiptop weekend (try not to get soaked in the April showers!)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New In The Shop...

 Sooo we've listed rather a lot of new stuff on the etsy shop, and we thought maybe you guys might like to know about it...
A few new Human Beans including this rather cute little lady.
Some brand new Fuzzy Felt coin favourite one is this one with the bright red tractor on it.
The grumpy tired Long Johns are back.
Some Round Mice...I love this ones bicycle print belly.
These Sweet Cheeks are regular stock at craft fairs but for some reason this is the first time they've made it into the etsy shop...either way, I think they are rather cute.
They also come in this pinky/blue fabric (which is so incredibly soft)
Some brown tartan Frowny Puss'.
And the normal blue coloured ones...
These guys are super duper shiny new...they are called Weirdy Beardys. We're going to run them in issues so the first 10 designs of Issue 1 are being rolled out now...each one comes with a different 'Weirdy Beardy Likes' on the back...head over to our shop for more pictures and info on them.

There are loads more items over in our shop...this is just a small taster (believe it or not!) To celebrate our full stock shelves you can get 15% off your order with the coupon code fullstockshelves1.
Cheerio for now!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Rather Busy Thursday.

 Hello dearest followers. Sorry for the small gap in communications,we had a few craft fairs and Easter to struggle through but we're back  in fine form.
We spent all day yesterday re-stocking our Etsy and Folksy shops. The both of us morphed into some sort of crazy efficient team...El took the Photos and I listed the items, as a result the Etsy shop shelves are groaning under the sheer weight of handmade wonders...The Folksy shop needs a bit more work but there's the weekend for that...right?
Anyways, El took some snaps of my studio in between product photos
This is Clyde, he's a good friends dog that I look after 3/4 times a week...he doesn't normally look this sad.
His favourite place to sit is on the lap of the person who's using the computer (he's not fussy as to who's using the long as they have a lap) He's quite the internet whiz dont'cha know.
Please excuse the grubby light switch, there was a sticker on it when we first moved in and it's left it's mark.
You can see my wall of bird in the background here...and unfortunately you can see me in a rather grubby day off from work outfit.
Jars of stuff...buttons, scrabble tokens, ribbons, fuzzy felts etc
Did I mention I collect Playmobil figures?'s a growing to be a genuine issue.
This one is my favourite.
And this is the view from my studio window. There's been some crazy weather in the U.K. at the moment and Cheltenham has been no exception, we've had some rather beautiful clouds hanging around...these ones are no exception!
 Rightio, that's all for now, I'm off to go for a coffee before work.
 (I'll do a proper post on all the new items over the weekend...maybe a little discount offer too...)