Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Ode To Camera's

Hello there, here's another 'Ode To'. you know when you have those days when you just don't feel chatty...well we're having a few of after the other; and you know those days when you really need to sew up orders but you just can't get into it and you think that everything you sew isn't quite right...well we're having a few of after the other. So please excuse the temporary lull in communications, we're busy reading all the answers to 'how do you get out of your creative ruts?' over on the Etsy featured seller interviews. We'll be back soon!
I like the color of this card and also we have a camera just like this one in our collection and it's one of my favorites. Check out twoguitars Shop here.
Love this print by Amy Walters, she was at one of the crafty Fox's we went to...I brought a brooch with a man with a big quiff on it...and a beard. Her shops lovely, go look...if you fancy it.

this sweet little brooch is by ladybirdlikes...we also met her at a Crafty Fox...I brought a wooden paper plane necklace from her, her shop is jam packed full of loveliness.
How cute is this little guy? Sweet enough to be put into our 'Ode To' is the answer...find the listing here.
These pot holders by happyfamily are wonderful, and they put my rather grubby oven gloves to shame! Lots more wonderfullness over in their Etsy shop.

We'll be back soon when we are feel a bit more able! Have a tiptop weekend (try not to get soaked in the April showers!)


  1. Thanks so much lovely ladies! Your little human bean will be making an appearance on my blog this week too! Hope you're both good? Have you been up to anything exciting since crafty fox? Hugs xoxo

  2. Spy cam is so cute! Hope you get out of your funk soon :)

  3. You can always turn to your camera to capture that inspiring moment. Cheers!