Saturday, April 14, 2012

New In The Shop...

 Sooo we've listed rather a lot of new stuff on the etsy shop, and we thought maybe you guys might like to know about it...
A few new Human Beans including this rather cute little lady.
Some brand new Fuzzy Felt coin favourite one is this one with the bright red tractor on it.
The grumpy tired Long Johns are back.
Some Round Mice...I love this ones bicycle print belly.
These Sweet Cheeks are regular stock at craft fairs but for some reason this is the first time they've made it into the etsy shop...either way, I think they are rather cute.
They also come in this pinky/blue fabric (which is so incredibly soft)
Some brown tartan Frowny Puss'.
And the normal blue coloured ones...
These guys are super duper shiny new...they are called Weirdy Beardys. We're going to run them in issues so the first 10 designs of Issue 1 are being rolled out now...each one comes with a different 'Weirdy Beardy Likes' on the back...head over to our shop for more pictures and info on them.

There are loads more items over in our shop...this is just a small taster (believe it or not!) To celebrate our full stock shelves you can get 15% off your order with the coupon code fullstockshelves1.
Cheerio for now!

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  1. So much lovely stuff. I've got to say I love the Weirdy Beardys the most though. They are my favourite! x