Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Grand Opening Of Our Etsy Shop & Another New Creature...

Believe it or not tomorrow El and I are going to pull an all-dayer (i do believe that is an actual word) and list some handmade wonders on our new and shiny etsy shop.
We wanted to be able to list throughout the day so we have spent the last week or so concentrating on sewing up a storm for it.
If you head over to the shop sometime tomorrow (evening is probably best) you should (fingers crossed....) find some little creatures that look a lot like this...
The light is a little off in this photos, its a bit cloudy in the land of Cheltenham...but hopefully you get the idea.
Which brings me on to the 'other new thing' can see him at the back....hiding behind the Warm Thought and to the rather handsome teal coloured pigeon...

That's it, you've got him...
The shy looking Elephant...with the lovely patch on his back...
They are going to be called 'Hup, Two, Three's' (you've seen the jungle book right?)
We've tried to make these ones as child safe as we can, the ears are machine embroidered on, the eyes are safety toy making eyes and the back patch is hemmed and machine sewn hopefully it can hold up to most things.
What do you think?
Have a lovely Sunday (I'm off to have a nap...pesky new bar job and change to routine...I'm used to going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 6am!)

Posted by Bex.


  1. eeeee I love the essesss (which is milo for elephant) xx Good luck xx

  2. Loving the new elephants (and great name) but the top shot with your little critters all together is great. Good luck with your Etsy shop, I'll pop over later today for a browse. Bethx