Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Visitors to Casa Stuffed Nonsense.

Afternoon all! How goes it???

We've just finished checking in three new guests at Stuffed Nonsense.... please welcome


A wooly stripy stumpy mamoth, hes a simple fella who likes to spend his days watching the flowers grow in the garden.

Colin and Psychedelic Dust Bunny.

Colin is the lovely little penguin on the right, he likes to spend his time listening to Ska and Two Tone and is an expert on current affairs. The Dust Bunny is the first in a new range, hes fresh from the seventys and is guaranteed to keep your house free of excess dust.....probably (note the disclaimer here.)

Right m'dears, thats all from us this afternoon, weve stitched until our fingers were raw!

Look out for the new guys on folksy (should be up by tomorrow!!!)

Take Care.


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