Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lacey Lanterns.

I work in a lovely pub called The Swan in Cheltenham, its a wonderful place to work. We're having a music festival there this weekend it's called SwanFest...it's going to be super weekend and I can't wait!
My lovely boss asked me to make some lanterns out of glass jars and wire (given my crafty credentials) to go on the tables. I made the lanterns (much to my fingers distress) but couldn't resist adding a little something to them...what do you think?
I made 13 of them in the end but there will be more by the weekend...
I stuck the lace on with watered down PVA glue...I think they look quite lovely, and i hope that once there is a candle in them the light of the candle coming through the lace will look lovely.

P.S. The picture below proves that i don't just make Human Beans...
I also make ridiculous amounts of Warm Thoughts.


  1. Jam jar lanterns are great and the added touch of lace is a brill idea x

  2. The jam jars look great. I love the 'warm thoughts' all cosy in the corner! Sue x

  3. Hi there, your work's lovely and glad you like my post and didn't mind - I thought I'd let you know, so sorry if it was a surprise! Anyway, loving your work and thanks for the comment xx

  4. hello, seen your super cute work recently on Folksy but just found your blog through supercutelily blog.

    Love it and am now following.
    By the way i am also mad about ladybirds (my friends son calls them Lornabugs) so something on the bottom photo caught my eye ;o)

    {Dab and a dash.}