Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Honour Of...A Give Away.

Some of you may or may not know but StuffedNonsense's annual holiday is always The 2000 Trees music festival. Its local to Cheltenham (only a 20 minute drive) and we've been going for a fair time...this years visit will be my third year and El's fourth year. We always have such a lovely time whenever we go...fond memories of dancing like a lunatic during the Headphone Disco and nursing somewhat delicate heads (courtesy of too much cider) whilst sitting on a bale of hay in The Leaf Lounge.Anyway, we're quite excited about going to this year,we could do with the time off. The last four weeks have been very busy so a whole weekend off with a box of wine for company is looking very appealing.
Which brings us onto the title of this post....
In honour of our annual holiday we're going to have a giveaway. You could soon be the proud owner of a Big Human Bean...these guys are brand new to StuffedNonsense (i only just finished listing some on our folksy and etsy shops) Here's a snap of the guy that you could soon get your paws on...(and who's to say that we wont pop in a few extras??)
all you have to do is leave us a little comment and we will enter you into the give away. Comments are open until Tuesday the 19th of July....Ready...Steady...Go!
(don't panic people who live over seas!...the give away is open to people not in the U.K.)

The below pictures is the beginnings of an embroidered picture for this exhibit...sounds exciting doesn't it! We're really quite chuffed to me asked to take part in it!
Right, i'm off to buy a camping stove.
Good Luck Everybody!


  1. Only recently found these adorable little beans, such a unique idea, of course I would love to win him, I would put him on my desk to smile at every day! x

  2. We would really love to have him come live with us!


  3. This little guys really needs to come and live with his twin sister bean! I am absolutely loving the retro bicycle fabric! Where on earth do you find all these lush patterns?

  4. Human bean come live with me, like peas in a pod we will be!

  5. My sister IS a human bean and at the moment is totally oblivious to the fact that somebody else independently thought her up, and then created her in fabric form, i would love to suprise her!

  6. Really envy you going to 2000 Trees - I went last year and thought it was awesome, can't go this year as our baby is just a bit too small at 3 months! Next year she'll be rocking it! My husband is DJing for the headphone disco though - he's the beardy one :)

    Have a good time x

  7. when was a child always carried a matchboz of plastic (jumping) beans round with me..this is a grown up cooler version. This time he could acompany me in my car instead of my pocket.
    Just discovered your work and blog it's great.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  8. I've never heard of 2000 trees, going to look it up now. I love the human bean too x

  9. Hey bex,
    hope you and Arthur are well and ok. I've really enjoyed reading your blog these past few weeks, its given me lots of inspiration for my sewing, thank you for posting good pics!
    I love the human beans and the crabbitz! If I win this human bean I am going to hid him and keep him for Henry for Xmas!
    Love Safxxx

  10. I love your human beans and your blog! Would love to win one. Hope you have a good holiday :)

  11. I love the human bean! I don't live far from you so he wouldn't get travel sick if he came to live with me!!

  12. Hee hee, when I read your comment about the fabric I had to pop straight over - he is too cute!
    Oh my, we could match (*.*)

  13. I love your Human Beans so would be very pleased to offer him a home.

    Dawn x

  14. he he he, my daughter would go crazy over this guy!
    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

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  16. i have only just found your blog and loving it
    we would love to give your human bean a home here at teeny tiny house
    lucy xx