Thursday, March 18, 2010

Would You Like to Play?....

Hello dearies? how are you all, we hope your head didn't hurt too much from your St. Patrick's days festivities. We've spent a lot of the time hiding from the drunken race goers who descend on Cheltenham once a year...its been quite an adventure!
Anyway....if you could please lend me your ears (or eyes) i would be most grateful...
We are going to take part in an arts/craft swap. it is an international swap, and all you have to do is make one lovely hand made piece ( be it a picture,a card,a purse,something beady,something sparkly...anything goes!) in return you get 36 pieces sent to you from all over the world. it works on a sort of chain type system...when i think about it too much hurts my head...but trust me it will work.
soo if you would like to play in this art/craft swap please get in touch by leaving a comment or dropping us an email.
we decided to do it because there are some rather talented people already playing and stuff like this is kind of what blogging is all about. think of the all the new people you could get in touch with just through making one small thing.
anyway....hopefully hear from you soon!!
Warmest Regards!
(Thanks for listening to this StuffedNonsense broadcast!)

Posted by Bex.


  1. I'd like to take part please Bex :D also you hadn't forgotten about me had you? x

  2. oky dokles I'm in! Even though the last one I did didn't quite work out...a few technical hitches...But I'm yours will! Xx

  3. That sounds fantastic! I'd love to take part. My email is hecarte (at) hotmail (dot) com.

    I'm Buddhistmusician on Folksy :-)

  4. Oh I would love to take part too :)
    chickadee83 on folksy.

  5. Yes definitely up for this! Do love a swop! X♥

  6. ooh sounds fun! I'll join in xo

  7. I would like to take part too please if im not to late x

  8. I'd love to join in too please! aleximocroissant (at) gmail (dot) com, xXx

  9. Hi, I would like to take part. I'm from Folksy, my address is Thanks

  10. Sounds like fun, I'd love to join in.
    I'm also on Folksy as Minifelts

  11. Did anyone here not get the information? I am doing this and need to find 3 more :) xx

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  13. ok, i'd love to give this a go, count me in!

    (itsthelittlethings - folksy)

  14. Hi not sure you need more people but would love to do this.
    thanks and let me know.

  15. I'm part of the swap now and need more people for my chain. If you'd still like to get involved PM me on Folksy (Minifelts) or leave me a blog comment on my blog:

    Thanks :)