Thursday, April 1, 2010


wow...stuffednonsense followers...thank you for your responses and offers to join in on the swap. unfortunately the rules of the swap mean i can only get 6 people on my team so I'm fully booked. I'm going to edit this post in a few hours with the names of the people who are on my team (as soon as i locate the pieces of paper i wrote the first 6 people on!!) so that the people who aren't on my team will know. if you still want to play perhaps you could follow the links over to the people on my team who will need 6 people each to play...make sense?? anyway...stay tuned for tomorrow ('yeah that means in about a week?' i hear you say!) for some snaps of whats been going on up the stairs in 40 Albion Street!
speak soon
EDIT: the people playing in stuffednonsense's team are: Holly Knowlman, Lowisa Warburton, Nikki Moulton, Bagladee, Olly and Sarah.
Thanks to everyone who wanted to play!! and i so sorry if ive messed this be honest it kind of got the better of me so im sorry if anyone thought they were playing but now aren't...sorry
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  1. Hi Bex, I just grovelled a rather pathetic apology to you on my blog comments - not sure if you get follow ups. So sorry to have never replied to your message on Folksy, we have had on-off sick kids since September and I have been dreadful at responding to messages (hangs head in shame!). Glad to hear you have a full team, look forward to reading how it all goes. Bethx