Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekly Goings On...And A Giveaway.

Hello Lovelies!
How wonderful is all of this sunshine, Its been lighting up the shop wonderfully!! Its been a quiet week in terms of customers spending their pennies!! but we've been busy stitching...
We've just finished a big Folksy Shop Update so its fit to burst!! Here's a little taster of some of the HandMade wonders now up for sale...A Few Soul Bird Embroidered Pictures, in lovely teal and a light green.Agnita the Crabbittz is up there too (she likes to disco dance and collect 70's wall paper clippings.)
Her good friend Herman is up there too...(He likes re-runs o f 'Allo 'Allo and collecting 2nd class stamps)And a whole bunch of tweed whales! That's it on the folksy front.
We've had a fair bit of luck in the old charity shop find departments this week...

Six flowery vintage duvet covers and four sandwich bags of vintage/antique lace. All for the princely sum of £13.80!! The ones with the poppy type flowers our old school Marks and Spencer ones!!Here they are getting 'prepared' for the washing machine.

Anyway, because we are nice and don't want to anger the 'finding good things in Charity Shops gods' we thought it would be rather nice if we did a giveaway....Up for grabs you have a fat quarter of each of the fabrics in the top picture and some lengths of lovely lace. All you have to do is pop over to our newly updated folksy shop, have a gander at the wonders up for sale, and leave a comment telling us what you think (is there anything else you would like to see for sale/...stuff like that)
Anyway...we can hear the barbecue calling from here!!
Have a super fantastic weekend my dears!

Posted by Bex and El


  1. I love the pigeons! Unfortunately everyone I know hates pigeons... maybe you could adapt them into some other type of bird?!

  2. Have you ever thought about doing something like purses? You could make a purse out of a crabbitz face with a zippy mouth hehe!

  3. I *love* your folksy shop - is there anything on there that you can only get via the shop? I live in Cheltenham so would rather buy directly from you to save postage but if there were exclusive online-only items I might be tempted :)

  4. I really enjoyed my first visit to your shop and have a feeling another one will be due very soon..!
    I love my little pigeon and agree with the other commentor, some other types of birds would be super cute. A parrot made from floral materials could be cool.

    x x x

  5. Those whales are super cute! xx