Saturday, April 24, 2010


Its super hot in our lovely little boutique! the sunshine is streaming through the window, straight onto the sewing table....lovely. We've been busy putting our vintage sheets and lace find to good use...We've made around nine metres of bunting, a pencil case, a coin purse and an owl. not bad for a week hey?
As soon as we saw this sheet we knew it would be perfect for an owl...and i reckon it is spot on. El highlighted the 'feathers' by sewing around the outline is some nice coloured embroidery threads. i think he is lovely and he has had to be priced up and put out in the shop quite quickly...else he was going to come home with me!
Our zip purse making world has been totally rocked with the creation of these two. it turns out that all the zip purses we have made prior to these two were done in a super long winded and awkward way...thanks to a new tutorial everything is clear....and a million times easier!! (hopefully these two will be up on folksy by the end of the day!)
Yellow Flowery Bunting.
Purple and Yellow Flowery Bunting

And My Favorite one Super Flowery Pink Bunting.

All of the bunting is for MADE but we are thinking of making some for folksy, what'cha reckon?
Just a little reminder that there's a giveaway dans en StuffedNonsense at the moment, its on the previous post...we are going to leave it open until Wednesday (if no one else wants to play then we shall send a selection over to the two peeps who have entered at the moment....guess vintage bed sheets and lace aren't every ones idea of fun!hehehehe)
Right...lets get these purses up on folksy
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Such lovely things, you should be very proud of yourselves.

  2. Hello! Thanks for signing up for our green swap - just wanted to check, did you want two partners (ie one for each of you) or just one? If you could let me know, that would be great.
    Many thanks

  3. Ladies! Just got your commentary on my blog. Thank you thank you thank you :-) You always seem to be sending me goodies, it makes me very happy indeed. Too bad for those who didn't enter, hehe, they're the ones missing out!
    Hope you are both having a beautiful weekend Xx

  4. Oh this owl is so cute! And the fabric on the purses is so pretty.