Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Busy Few Days...

WOW! thank you to all you fantastic people for heading over here to join in the StuffedNonsense journey...fingers crossed it will be exciting!
As some of you may know, there is a shop in Cirencester which sells some of StuffedNonsense's stuff; well they recently got in touch asking for more because they had hardly any left!!! (what great news?!) Sooo we've spent all of the past two days fixing up stuff like this...Sewing up a load of dust bunnies...Packaging up a load of button jewellery...And saying Good Bye to some Bob's. eyes need a rest after all that hard work they've done today! Have a Great Saturday!!xx
P.S. Whoops, nearly forgot...Vicky's Ninjas are in the shop safe and sound, they are very very cute!!Look...


  1. That's great news they want more of your stock. I have a friend with a blog you may find intersting as she has her own little shop selling her clothing and she also likes to revamp vintage items too. It's interesting to read how her dreams turned into the reality of her own boutique and stockists worldwide. Her shop info is at: and her blog is at:
    I'm looking forward to reading how you guys get on with your venture! Lucy. x

  2. yay for more orders! such wonderful news indeed :)
    and i love those little ninjas! so cute :)

  3. It all looks very productive! maybe you should have a link to a map of where the shop is on your blog.....! My kids love thier monsters and Isobel was very uspet when hers got lost down the side of the bed.

  4. Thats fantastic news that the stockist is after more stock! I just hope you guys haven't tired yourself out making it all!!

    I wonder, do you have any tips on approaching shops to sell your wares? Its quite a daunting thing, even just to think about it!

    The ninjas look ace too :D